Celebrate Grepolis 2.300 with a Weekend Extravaganza!

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
We're thrilled to announce a grand celebration for the launch of Grepolis version 2.300, and what better way to rejoice than with an in-game festivity!

City Festival Bonanza!
To mark this momentous occasion, we're offering an incredible 50% reduction in both cost and time for City Festivals throughout the entire weekend! Seize this golden opportunity to enhance your cities, strengthen your empire, and bask in the glory of version 2.300.

Event Details:

Start Date: 18th November at 00:00
End Date: 20th November at 00:00
Join us in this jubilation as we embark on a weekend filled with strategic triumphs and monumental upgrades. May your cities prosper, alliances flourish, and victories be legendary!

Prepare for the festivities, rally your allies, and let the celebrations begin!

Happy conquering!

The Grepolis Team