Closed Christmas Challenges: Maze

Phantom III


Christmas Greetings players,

This, our second competition is a maze. Here you can score a maximum of 10 points. There will be 3 winners with prizes of 1000 and 2x 750 gold. If there are more players with the right solution, we will randomly choose three of them. In addition, all points will count towards the grand prize and we will keep running totals in the Acropolis for all players participating. Winning an individual competition gives a bonus of 5 extra points towards the Grand Prize.

This second competition runs for 4 days and closes on 8th December at 9am.

In case you want do download the maze with white background to try it on your screen, you can do so here.



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Grepolis Team
If you are having difficulty uploading your maze then do not worry. Raise a ticket and we will help you. To raise a ticket in game click settings and then select support. Then select your tickets and contact us.


Grepolis Team
Thanks to all who participated. We will post the winners and update the accumulator later.