Dionysia Event Feedback Thread


@Baudin Toolan Will we ever get any insight on INNO's decision making?
1. I haven't met a player yet who thought this was a good event
2. If you look at beta servers everyone are complaining
3. Everyone hates Pandora's event
4. The painting event was good as it was in 2021 and 2020
5. A lot of bugs and looks only half-finished tbh

I'm just so so curious to hear your thoughts on why on earth you would replace the old event with this abomination. Are you trying to kill off your own game on purpose? Kinda seems like it

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
As this is a new event we're certainly going to be collecting feedback on it to send to our developers. So the specifics on what parts of the event players don't like would be helpful for showing our developers.


nearly 3 hours to do the first then a long cool down before you can do any more .. as this crap runs for only 15 days it would mean doing nearly 3 levels a day to complete the 40 levels, most rewards aren't even worth having .. 3 wasted hours for a stone buff lol

Many players on app can't even log in now let alone waste time on this. Grepolis is 'supposed' to be a war game and they give an event for simmers who should be spending their playing time sending attacks and supports not participating in this!!!

Lets hope that most will boycott this rubbish and it hits Innos hard in their pockets


rather seems that the 'Lead Community Manager' is both deaf and dumb because she obviously ignores players voices and is incapable of making 'sure your voice is heard'

We wouldn't have this event or others like it if she bothered to listen


job requirement should be dropped on frontline against fiasco or meme and survive for at least half a server
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Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
That person hasn't been our Lead Community Manager for quite a few years nor do I think I am able to provide information on our current one. The app log in issues should be fixed but if not please try uninstalling and reinstalling the app as the update should have fixed the log in issues. If you still can't log in on the app please send in a ticket so we can take a look.


very poor event, please sack the fool that came up with the idea. wont be wasting my time on this rubbish :(

Myrddin Emyrs

Sack the board absolutely terrible takes hrs to complete clearly an attempt to get us to spend gold on it aint happening as players can see what this is, its about time inno gave us an event that isn't about spending gold on it


@Baudin Toolan

A good event can be completed quickly (no need to come back in the game 5 or 10 times a day...) and without having to learn anything new. You must read few lines, look at the event's window and immediately understand what you have to do !

The very bad thing with this event, worse than classical Pandora's box (not a very appreciated event anyway so why do they continue to decline the formula ??) is that the description of each unit is too long, there are too many units with too many criterias (more than in the classical formula if I remember well), it's complicated to understand wich unit is used for what unless you take a long, very long moment too read and understand everything... and then you have to read and understand each mission... and then you don't know exactly how many units of each type you have to send so you have to make tests... it's like a complete new (and boring) game you have to learn and I don't want to have to learn new complicated game mechanics for a simple event for few days when I come to play grepolis !
In fact... I would like to play grepolis when I come to play grepolis... I don't want to invest myself in an event for more than 1 or 2 minutes/day that would be perfect. And if they want to create a new game, then they create a new game (and I won't play this one)

I don't know how I could be clearer :oops:


Pointless an time wasting event, poor design, just targeted for players who will gold more and more. Once you read formula and click on units to send, you can't move new window with units to see formula again if you forget what you mean to send? Honestly do i need notepad to write down memos what i should do in game? It's also slow and time wasting. Whoever designed it must be on LSD, reading all this crap you have to do to finish each mission i feel like idiot. It should be pleasure and not intelectual torture.


Perhaps the event is less useful for higher ranked players, but I can imagine its more useful for lower ranked players. For me its very unclear what to do with this 'event'. I get some volunteers with numbers but other then that its unclear which actions would lead to extra's or anything like that.


Stone increase, faster units, improved defense, wood increase, improved attack etc etc

We can get those doing the Quest log

At least make the "prizes" worth our time doing the thing

Red-Haired Shanks

i actually like this event its different and more harder then the events we have had , also the prizes arent bad for begging players so thats good. pretty cool if you ask me...


@Baudin Toolan Baudy this event I remember having it before and said it then and I'll say it now. This event sucks for the time you have to invest in it to learn what to do and how to do it. I think it was a good idea to have an event to invest time in some but this is a bit overboard then add in the rewards suck for the time you have to put in. If you are going to do an event like this the time put in needs to match the rewards and the quests need more clarity.

King of North

1 POINT - very bad event , unobtrusive , a lot of text , all the crap
2 POINT - As we know the best for Christmas was the Advent calendar .. Players had the opportunity to win different awards every day and it was themed for Christmas.

thats all.. i dont understand what wanted inno , but we dont want that craps events

thank u all
Made a forum account just to say this is the worst event I have ever seen. The absolute dogs**t that has been put out here motivated me to create an account just to share. Such a waste of everyones time. Also, tell Hydna I love her.