Disscussion of alliances ranked 13 to 24


ur past and about ur leaders and et c.
That's easy enough.

I was in LoE and the Legion Leader for Ocean 26, I served under Kreger, who served under Londiste and Alph! I am the founder of High Voltage. I put BLACKBREATH as a founder when he came on board, he was the third to enter High Voltage that night. He was the Legion Leader in LoE for Ocean 25 and 15 I believe. I also covered Ocean 27 and the portion of Ocean 36 that borders 26.

My past? Well I tucked my tails and ran to Gamma Server after getting my butt kicked over on Beta server, brought all my mistakes with me as learning steps and haven't looked back since. I started out in some crap alliance, outgrew them quickly and joined Phoenix Rising, from there I left them and Cai brought me on board to LoE. With the fall of LoE we went to CJ and from there to RDLM. RDLM got big time confusing with so many there was a split, not a bad one but one to correct the problem of such massiveness, that's when SDM started. I entered SDM for about half a minute, found out some were not going to be invited, some of mine so I left and started High Voltage. We are aligned with SDM and RDML yes and what you see in High Voltage is remnants of LoE and thereafter.

How I explain High Voltage to some is like punk rock music! We took our game back (to basics), stripped out all the complications and we play on. Like how it was for us in LoE once upon a time. We have 4 forum tabs, we communicate great with one another and there are no complications. We do not wish to have a massive amount of players in our crew, everyone here knows one another and have for the most part six months to a year and better. We have a few players we plan to demolish and are in the process of it. We are in Ocean 26/36/25/15/35, more-so in 26/36, we play quietly, we do not talk smack, most all pacts and nap requests are rejected and it is hard to get into High Voltage simply because you have to know one of us rather well to get in.

High Voltage is our last hurrah on our way out!

Yes I like the beach, laughing, look at my city names and you will find a third of them or more are named after beaches in Southern California. And I also love rock n roll music!

And I want to thank you for the compliment of you saying looks like we might be around awhile! ;)

If you want to know more about us ask people in SDM, RDLM and T.D.A., they all know who we are.



Also whats your sign? Do you like walks on the beach? Do you come here often....
I'm a leo, birthday coming up in a few weeks from now and I visit the public forums often enough but do not respond to a lot of the posts and threads. And I know who you are Dr. Gre, ehehehehe.



Killer Bunnies- cool alliance:cool: but have only one core so far if RDLM have a war with them bunnies might be hunted but they have a good leader so will be there for ages.
So funny guys :D

We've fought against Fusion for a long time and still surviving and I don't think RDLM alone will make a difference like what yogi said :p. We are KB, not fake CJ, Team Gamma Select or Black or White or something like that :D and we do not have 5k slingers like Jonathan to be hunted and do silly actions like you :D

That's all which we lost to other alliances after Bunnies In Exile had been found :D.


I'll have a go :p

13. League of Warriors- I think it's unfair to call them a bad alliance. Despite the bad publicity they've recieved, I rather like this alliance.

14. Boudicas Brigands- Very good alliance that formed from the split of TBSW. I can see them in the top 12.

15. High Voltage- Formed from the merge into RDLM I believe. They have short numbers and I think they're quite a good alliance.

16. Black- One of the worst alliances in Gamma. They took the name of the original Black. All talk no action and I'm afraid this alliance will fail.

17. CLUTCH- Split from PE to take in the rim players. They have very good leaders and I think they're a good alliance.

18. Big Duck n Feal- Don't know too much about them but they seem like a good alliance.

19. The Wraith- I'm still wondering why they have a member in my ocean when they're based on the other side of the world.

20. Legion of Darkness- Good alliance focused on a few oceans.

21. Titans- MRA falling. Will soon be gone.

22. PORT- Only 3 members and in 22nd. Seem to have a lot of people after them?

23. Knights of Honor- Great alliance.

24. Titans Lions- Very bad alliance.

arul asveen

so owen what name should my alliance (black) have???
can u give me a good name???
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No alliance deserves to be called ''spartans''(except for some),arul asveen you probably must find an original name for your alliance and make sure no one else is using/used the same name.Maybe some name in ''latin'' or in some other language would be good.

arul asveen

oh come on bala
u giving me a 13yr pld guy a head ache which is a crime(hey im gonna be 14 the coming mon when the world releases)


Normally I do not respond to these type of threads in a forum but I do have to say "Black" does suck! I look over the players in it and it looks like a n00b player MRA, just taking any ole' player in for the sake of numbers! Those type of crews always fail in the end.

I personally gotta know who my team-mates are, makes me feel better because I then know my back is covered if needed! N00b's still haven't discovered grepostats and how to read that site, or Grepolis in wiki and the differences of troops and navy to know what to make.

Good luck with your Alliance but it will fail and it will fail, especially considering you are in certain Oceans where experienced players are that will pound you to death with just three hits. The ole' 1/2/3 as I call them. One send the lightship nuke to clear the harbor, two send the land unit nuke to clear the grounds, three send the colony ship and take it from them. That's what your Alliance players look to me to be. Sorry, I know reality sounds and seems harsh but that's the truth of it.

And oh yeah one more thing.....
Taking in refugee's, not a good or great idea, you got one in there I am known to pound on for the sake of battle points and I have no intention of stopping either. And believe the one I attack others feel the same way about that player, shame shame, taking in players without doing homework on them, smells of MRA to me!
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Hoops is right, yeah im agreeing lol

Maybe you could call yourselves 'The Leftovers' seems more appropriate to me.

Gareth Thomas

Your diplomat even asked me 3 days ago who the refugees from the TDA/Ghost Unit massacre were and yet you chose to keep them in perhaps "refugee camp" would be an appropriate name?