DOTW #1- Is Premium the key to being a top player on Phi?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Osl112, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Osl112

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    I disagree with that and see it as an over-hyping of premium. By no means is premium the key to the game; it only gives a small advantage at best. And your argument about the mines is pretty invalid, considering that the mines create barely 10% of my total resource production.
  2. tyroncs

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    In early game to be top you need to be very commited (e.g using the 5 minute demand over and over again) and to be using premium. In the first 2 weeks or so you can stay top like this. Later on in the game unless you spend lots of money on gold premium doesn't help much
  3. HIHIpeople

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    Dec 6, 2010
    premium alone is not the key it is skills having to much time on your hands and being young enough to no have a job in the summer :p

    (not meant to be taken literally i am just kidding some of the top players really aren't online demanding all day)
  4. arul asveen

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    a guy who has the highest Battle points can take down the guy No.1 in points
    and usually that guy is a player who does not use gold much
    in gamma the player no.1 in points (Mizriath) is ranked 122 in BP

    premium only gives a head start for the player
    i WAS ranked 4th in phi on the first day of the game

  5. Osl112

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    I might disagree with that. You'll often find that a top player in points also has a respectable amount in BP, if he/she is a good player.
  6. tyroncs

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    Mizriath doesn't have BP, as his job for his alliance is to conquer ghost cities and inactives
  7. arul asveen

    arul asveen Guest

    if u dont believe me go to gamma and check urself or go to grepo stats
    the top guys use gold toooo much and think gold points is important

    i dont want my alliance to be top in point but in BPs
  8. Osl112

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    But thats a single example.

    Take a look at Theta. Robbyn44 is number 1 in the world for points as well as number 1 in the world for offense BPs. As well as a newer world, like Rho, where most the top players have a top rank in BP and points. I think thats a correlation if you ask me.

    On that point, yes you can buy culture but that would get awfully expensive. My point is that it seems top players don't rely on gold so much as you think they do, earning there culture points like everyone else by BP or by using resources. The fact that in Gamma this is not the case is abnormal, though I'm sure you'll find that in other top player cases in Gamma, this is the case.

    Thinking back to Phi though, seeing we aren't at that stage yet. Is it not a must have part of start up or just a small minor advantage as just because you have premium, it doesn't mean you have a top rank guaranteed.
  9. arul asveen

    arul asveen Guest

    it is guaranteed if v r very active, have experience on how to grow and premium only gives a very very good head start but if u dont use ur good start...
    in a marathon the guy running first from the beginning of the race dosent always win as he uses his stamina to his full in the starting of the race
    the guy who was last can also win if he is intelligent
    as i said this is a strategy game so if u use brains v can easily usurp the top ranked guy

    if i made any mistakes correct me
  10. Macretes

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    I agree that generally the top ranked players usually dominate in the bp arena. However, using Premium directly or indirectly contributes to that. However, after speaking with Tmesis I think I may a have overrated Premium a bit. My strategy isn't as good as I thought it was.

    I would like to know if you use Premium Narwhal?
  11. Osl112

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    I do and freely admit I use admin. However, premium only plays a small part of my plan as I only use it to queue up buildings overnight.
  12. owen66

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    So Osl/Narwhal-

    Would you say that admin has helped you get to number 1?
  13. -Achilles-

    -Achilles- <a href="

    Jan 15, 2010
    So if premium gives no advantage as you say;

    Why buy it then?
  14. Osl112

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    I would say it helped, but did not get me to number 1. I'm number 1 because of the planning involved in building, I would say (without being too big-headed).
  15. Pythagorus

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    i'd think the 7 building slots are a pretty big thing in the beginning, otherwise you can easily lose like 6hrs of building overnight.
  16. senaQ

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    Nope, if you are crayz like me you cannot lost 6 hours, just put there some academy or farm for 6 h:) and wake up middle of the night check time :p :D
  17. Zenturio

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    Okay I will admit I am a premium user as well. Did it help me peak at rank 2 behind narwhal for almost two days? Probably.

    I am not saying premium is necessary for getting top ranked, not in any way. It takes a lot fo dedication and time. You can be top ranked without gold. I was with my past account and so was my alliance. Gold almost demands more strategy or else you end up wasting it.

    But I think there is something a lot of the posts are missing is the role premium plays in Phi.

    Let's look at what our world is. Speed 2, that means bigger demands from farm villages. Faster building and recruitment times. 7 days of Beginners' Protection...this is where I think premium has a big influence. How do players on other worlds make the most of their resource income? Player farming. But here on Phi we still have another day (btw does it end 7/6/11 or 8/6/11?). This means you are required to be even more active if you want greater take of resources because farm villages and mines are the only way. That means Merchant does help in the beginning. But since we are speed 2 with 7 days BP what other factor could be holding other players back? Strategy.

    Now I am not saying any of you outside the top 20 are less strategic, I mean I am out of that region too but for my reasons :p The strategy of building order and resource allocation is crucial! You can't go around farming players or anything to get any better. You have to rely on your ability to have a good build order and know precisely which things work best. Now I think premium helps with this because you can increase resource intake a little, but on top of that you can queue up so many things. The admin lets you make these cool notes and if you don't want to wait seven hours for something you can cut time down. I will admit here that admin and gold helped me get a lot done. I didn't cut down a million things though.

    I have been a premium user and not a premium user (user-makes me sound like I am on drugs). I know that with premium it has made things easier. But I think being top ranked is really just a demand of activity, commitment, and strategy.
  18. Mailcarrier

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    If you got premium was given like that people would start a world, get to 500 points to get the premium, and then ditch the world and use it on another world. I agree that premium is overrated but during the begging it helps a lot.
  19. iCyber

    iCyber Phrourach

    Jan 8, 2011
    I think everyone can agree that premiums give great advantages, though whether they are necessary to really be the best is debatable, I've watched top players without the use of premiums, these people seem to do just fine without them.
    My opinion is it mostly depends on your activity, sure at the start without senate non-premium users will be at a disadvantage due to the lack of building slots. However that can easily be made up for later on in the game with people conquering other big cities. For me it depends on how active you are and your ability to farm, the unit boosting premiums make it easier to play with less activity because in most cases you will lose less units are they are more powerful, this means less time needed to farm for resources to rebuild + resources will be used on other things that help your growth.

    Though it is debatable if someone who has enough time to farm every 10 mins in all cities (yes that is extremely boring but it very much possible) will easily be able to compete as they get more resources than most, ability to build troops giving more attacking potential for bps and culture levels resulting in more cities, and of course buildings. They would be in the same position as most premium users only they would be putting in more time, especially when it comes to the stage where people have a large number of cities.

    Conclusion: (imo) I think a non premium user will happily be able to compete lets say top 5 in stats, however whether they reach the point where they top the world in all stats is a challenge and a major one at that.

  20. arul asveen

    arul asveen Guest

    non premium users get farmed by premiums as they grow more fast than non premiums and those non- premium get fed up of being farmed and quit the game(take me for this example)
    according to me if a person uses premium his beginners protection has to be reduced