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Hello everyone

i play in aliance Infinity War

We are players that come from US servers US, ES and AR. we have always used the tool ''dio tools''... but in this server does not work. We test the tool in different browsers (Mozilla and Opera), it works on any server (ES, AR, RO) but only doesn't work here (EN).

it can be checked because it is observed in the following images:

work here, servr AR

Here off, servr EN

i have asked the support if this tool is forbidden,
they told me it's allowed but they can not help me install it because it is a third party tool.

someone from here who can help us?


this tool is officially not illegal to use even tho bunch of players in US marked got banned for it , however Dio is no longer supported meaning they dont provide future updates or bug fixes for this tool.

use at your own risk.