EGW wasted their time


no lol, I reread my post and i can't even figure out how you got that, mind you I've just woken from a nap and all the marbles aren't going in the same direction yet, so if I missed something let me we don't lol

Haha I don't think sassy wants to fight LD anytime soon. But I think she'd try to take me out the first shot she got. xD


Seriously? Myrms a dodgy 1, LD a solid 7. And I dunno why you're offering congratulations after booting one of your members because he was being conquered. If your alliance does that, how are they ever gonna get to conquer anyone?

im bored so im reading through some old and lifeless threads. and boy am i laughing at what people were saying in the first month of delos

well said finton although very contrary to LD who have kicked so many people that have been conquered both active and innactive, what say you about this??

maybe if finton was running LD it would be alot better