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Evil MeIinoe

Part 1
Good evening all,

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during the pandemic.

I thought I'd do something a little different to spicy things up, and I am hosting interviews with a few individuals from a range of different alliances.
I ask to please, not cause any drama as those are just opinions, if you disagree with something lets have a civil chat down below.

Hope this little series brings you all joy, and I hope you guys enjoy the read, there will be a few different interviews so keep an eye out!
To start things of, I will be joined by one of my own, ZipThunderZap who will answer some tough questions, as well as a spicy bonus question at the end, enjoy!

Interview with ZipThunderZap.

So ZipyZap, based on the current state of the world, which alliance has impressed you and why?

I think at this point in the world most people would have to point to Check Mate. They have done very well at dominating O54 and spreading into the core sections of every other ocean through strong diplomacy, quick and strong offensives, and taking advantage of struggling alliances.

If you had to pick, who is your favourite person at Stooges?

Oh dear, Im probably going to make myself a few internal enemies here cause I love the entire group that we have, but I got to go with Puppy. Me and him have talked the most out of the group and tend to do our own mini ops together on both 126 and 127. Not much happens for either of us without the other person knowing and we are usually there to support the other whenever needed.

What is your personal opinion on Nemesis and Check Mate?

Check Mate I feel as though I gave them a pretty good description up above. To summarise they have been very smart with their approach to this world and always have a plan that best suits them. Seems like a nice group based on who I have interacted with on 127 but they clearly are here to win.

Nemesis need to show more if they want to compete for this world anymore I feel like. Them, and Kleos, disappointed me this last weekend when we took a bunch of cities from Ferarri and Bretster. I think they have been good diplomatically but they really need to step it up both offensively and defensively for me to have any real faith in them being a challenge for Stooges or Check Mate to win the world.

Outside of the top 5, are you impressed by any alliances, or perhaps a certain individual?

Ill be honest, outside of the top 3 (Check Mate, Stooges, Nemesis and crew) I currently view them all as food. If any of the top 3 decided they wanted to beat up on a particular alliance they probably could. Its going to take some action that proves otherwise for me to really be impressed with any of them. Sorry guys, but actions speak loud, and yes I haven't been paying the most attention, but something big will certainly grab my eyes.

If things were to escalate in 44 between Nemesis and Kleos, who would you consider a winner?

Now this is a hard one. Those two have been together since anyone really realised they were a threat in the world so I have always just viewed them as the same group. To be completely honest I really don't know anyone in either alliance all that well or who to expect more fighting power from if a war broke out. I think I would have to go with Nemesis based on the higher attacking and defending scores which mean a lot in a war, but would be very interested to see how this would all work out since they are so scattered among each other on the map.

And finally, the bonus question, if I'm twenty three, and I was born five years ago, how old would I be?

Well, I think the 23 is irrelevant. After that I got to go back 5 years ago which would mean 2015 so I would have to say you were 5 since that wasn't a leap year and as far as i'm aware there are no other weird age change phenomenons.

Evil MeIinoe

Part 2
Interview with Move.

To get things started, besides Check Mate and based on the current situation, have any other alliances impressed you so far during the journeys of en126?

If I had to pick one it would be Lykos. Not because of their skill or organisation, but because of their determination, persistence and their spirit. They don't have the best players, but I'm confident they must have one of the best team atmospheres out there.

They now have two sisters, so almost three full teams, not exactly my way of playing, but one can not deny they have done well for themselves out on the rim and both surprised and impressed me that is for sure.

As you know from the past, and possibly in the current time there has been bad tension going on, why do you think people have a negative attitude towards Check Mate?

We have our own philosophy, we play our own way and therefore its easy for people to spin whatever we do in an unconventional way as negative.
In general people are here for themselves/their own team and for their own chances to win...
Therefore the best team is always a natural supervillain.

What's your personal opinion on Nemesis/Retribution and ocean 44 as a whole, do you think their strategy of having the ocean divided between 4 groups is effective?

I wouldn't call them 4 groups, I would say its two teams with sisters that is pacted forming a pretty large coalition, I count 114 players at the moment of writing adding up Nemesis, Retribution, Kleos, Kleos II and Rag-Tag and Cheese...

Its not that 114 players cant be a superpower, its just that first and foremost it takes a lot of discipline, organisation and the right type of both people and players to make it work...
Add in the fact that only 30 people can win in the end, 119 players leaves a lot of people to cut. Maybe they are already aware of this and choose to play together all the same, maybe Kleos and Nemesis are a couple right now, but not forever....
In that case the number would shrink a lot very quickly if they were to split at one point. Together they should be very strong, but their decision-making and organisation have let them down lately. You asked me earlier which team had impressed me the most, If you asked me which team has disappointed me the most then it has to be Nemesis. Unless they turn the tide quickly I think they fill fade out and be forgotten.

With hand on heart, who is your favourite person at Check Mate and why?

This guy, he lights up our discord chat, true joy to talk to
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And finally the bonus question, a roaster laid an egg on a roof, which way did the egg roll?

It didn't roll onto the podium that's for sure because that was already full of CM players.

Evil MeIinoe

Part 3
Interview with Mercenary501.

Based on the current state of the world, which alliance has impressed you so far and why?

For me, this has probably been one of the most fascinating worlds so far that I've played in. A small while ago, we wouldn't go a week without something major happening which was quite surprising for a speed 2 world haha.

I've seen quite a few interesting things happen in this world, however I think the rebound Stooges showed was quite impressive. With the collapse of SS alongside Big Papa, I had expected Ocean 55 to become a war zone with main alliances in O45, O54 and even O44 started to spread their tendrils and quickly gaining ground.

However, Stooges has shown that it's still here for a good fight. Consolidating their position and quickly expanding into O45; their participation in the Operation against Kebbe and Animal Farm and then their incorporation of key players from these alliances has just further solidified their position and granted them a sizeable influence in the world dynamics. Jumping to 2nd positions doesn't hurt either haha.

Looking forward to seeing which path they choose to follow in the future.

I would also like to say a quick thank you to the members of Elite Squad though for the enjoyable back and forth they provided us a few weeks back. Impressive defence work

In your opinion, why do you think people show negative attitude towards Check Mate, and as a whole, what's your personal opinion on them?

When someone is doing well, someone else will start hating them for it. Human nature at its finest.

There are also quite a few players complaining about gold usage and how Grepolis has become unfair through it. That is a whole other topic of conversation we won't delve into but some of these people have shifted their hatred on to Check Mate as the next alliance to win through gold usage alone. Which is unfair and untrue. Yes, gold has been used, but gold does not solely win you a world. I strongly believe that a solid leadership, teamwork, communication and most importantly activity are what will win you a world. Gold helps smooth over the rough edges that can crop up in a team. One of the biggest alliance killers in my humble opinion is lack of activity.

Cannot do much if half your team is simming.

I've usually kept out of externals or world chats and I haven't played seriously since Nagidos (although I had an interesting stint in Onchesmos haha), which means, quite unfortunately, I have not really got to meet or talk to many of the more outspoken members of the current Grepolis community. I do recognise a few old faces that I have seen in passing and I hope their reputation precedes them but I've mainly learnt of Check Mate and their roster from the grapevine, so to speak, although you are always willing to drop a good word about Move. when he comes up in our conversations hahaha.

I think Check Mate have had an interesting start to this server and so far, things have aligned to benefit them, be it through their mastery of diplomacy or their good luck or a bit of both. I believe that they are a good team, ready and willing to aim for the top and the win Pseira. So far, I have seen a solid and uniform movement from their team, solid decisions from their leadership and an absolute hunger for BP which I am rather jealous about. I wish them all the best and look forward to the decisions they will take in the future.

What are your personal thoughts on Stooges?

I have already elaborated a little on this on the first question. But to talk a little bit more in depth, as I have said about Check Mate, I recognize a few old faces here and there and know them mainly by reputation or being at the odd end of their attacks haha.

I have heard both good and bad stuff about Stooges, however I feel that they have done well in this past month, quickly expanding outwards from their area of influence in O55. They were probably one of the alliances which gained the most during the O45 Operation, gaining valuable new members, strategic outpost and consolidating their presence in O45. Overall, nice growth. I have to say though, that turtle is adorable! Love their profile haha. Keep up the good work!

Now that 44 is under the control, of the coalition (Nemesis, Retribution, Kleos & Kleos II) do you think the bond between the groups will win them the world?

What an interesting question, poaching for information? Hahaha. O44 isn’t fully under our control yet, elements of Elite Squad are still present and Rim alliances are looking to poach a few islands and slither into O44. So we’ll be busy for quite a while in that area and Ocean 45 has now had its doors open as well. About relations, Nemesis and Kleos have worked well together so far, only time will tell if our collaboration becomes fruitful. Do not forget that they are still 3 months until DOM starts, anything could happen.

Looking outside of the top 5, do you think there is an alliance that could still surprise us all and potentially aim to beat the big names when domination appears?

That would add a nice twist to the world dynamics, but I doubt it. Perhaps if one of the top 5 were to collapse and an alliance out of said top 5 were to pick the players up? Interesting "what if" scenario's but doubtful they would come to pass. But then again, anything could happen.

Who is most definitely, your favourite person at Kleos and why?

Dear god, are you trying to cause a civil war in Kleos? hahaha

It's been an absolute pleasure fighting alongside my team these past few months (or years for the old Kleos vets) and I wouldn't replace them for the world. Every one of them has given their all for the alliance, especially the leadership who works closely alongside me to make the members experience here in Grepolis as enjoyable as possible. People sometimes forget that Grepolis is fundamentally a game to enjoy and sometimes get to caught up in the politics or the situation to really sit back and enjoy the game.

OPs, a cold beer and a discord on fire is what really makes me stay and enjoy Grep. The communities and friendships we create are what suck me back in every year or three to try again in a new world.

So a big thank you to Kleos for making me enjoy the game again and I hope you're all having fun too!

Bonus question for our Kleos leader, a cowboy rides into town on Friday, stays for three days and leaves on Friday. How did he do it?

Hope Friday was properly fed and watered before leaving on Friday. For Friday's are quite hard on Friday as Friday has a tendency to be quite lethargic on Friday's. At least he didn't ride in on Monday. Monday's a pain.
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