Error or on purpose?



This is what all others got today

this is what I got today ( was checking if true ) ...

" a little error from management because otherwise I would had 1.000.000 DBP today instead of 250.000"


don't know what it means but i got the same thing you did, erik
sorry, you aren't that special

another sutidity, how they can proof it is random NOPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they cannot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
The moderators have 0 ability to affect who gets sales ingame or in this case who gets what sales. We simply do not have that kind of power.


i dont blame you sir, the company, some get 20k gold and 2k gold others 4x bp lol what is a whole fruit basket.

or a lada vs a porsche

this is so absolute wrong!

and where u can proof it is random only god knows

Sir Henriksen

The moderators have 0 ability to affect who gets sales ingame or in this case who gets what sales. We simply do not have that kind of power.
Im confused here... The offer says 20k gold + 10 Divine senses tokens.
I dont get both?

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
If the offers says you get that then you get that. Anything further would require you sending in a ticket so we could take a look.


For all of its faults the one constant in this game is that everyone was playing on the same level playing field with the same premium perks available to all.......well that just changed. This was designed to be random? Please tell me that is a mistake. How this gets resolved is important to my continuance in this game.


Advantage is huge, you can`t even compare those 2 offers.This must be fixed so the others can get the same offer i had.You gonna lose more and more people with this, i promise you that.Everyone who did not received this offer will simply quit.I would for sure.

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Yeah I would appreciate it if comments on it could be directed to just the single thread so I can more easily read through them and collect the feedback. Counting up people's feedback from multiple threads is far harder than just counting it up from a single one.


Again this company yet again has been successful to make their customers very unhappy and grepolis murder their own child.
Today Inno had the splending idea to randomly handing out gifts.
Yes randomly, nobody has any controle over it how randomly this goes.
But even if this is a fair random system, the result is far from fair!
For 80 euro = you got : 20k gold + 10 x quatro BP's spels.
Math taught us:
50/100 City owners have 1 week to 10 days to maximize their troops (forces).
If you perfectly time those troopers at stacked cities, you can score 4 times more than usual. And if possible with a combo spell of 2 x BP even 8x.
But let's keep it with the 4x bingo !
In other words, the BP you earn overhere, normally you need 4 weeks to achieve the same BP's!
To make it even worse !
This spell you get 10 x!
In other words to compete here, you need 10 months more rebuild time than the others!
Or 100 thousands gold coins to even compete with it!!!
The others who have not been given this gift may be happy with 10% extra gold.
What can you do with an extra 10% gold = 2,000 gold.
Option 1: 200 LS build ships fast.
Option 2: City wall building level 20 to 25!
The creators of the game are completely lost , seems they aim to lose more clients than they already are doing!

I need not explain that this is also against a number of EU rules