Newspaper Eubea Journal IV~Rim Stories


I want to first clarify that i'm not doing this paper to gain some special benefit to the alliance i'm in!(The Barbs)I don't know what makes some of you think that,but thats not what it is I write this paper because I like writing papers!It's in no way to give the alliance i'm in a special advantage.
Also because a player thought that the dirt I wrote on him on the last issue ruined him abit and now he 's blaming me saying I decided to put it and that I also am writing the paper to give an advantage to the barbs so I'm removing the "Down & Dirty" section from my papers.I'm not going to mention names,I could but I prefer not to!
Thank you now enjoy the paper


Rim Stories

  • World Update
  • Rim Stories
  • The Upcoming & The Free Fallers..
  • Noob Of The Week
  • Competitions

"World Update"

Well a Month a 2 weeks have passed here in Eubea and things are getting a bit tad bit boring.Nothing much happening in the Core.The war between the top 4 alliances are a bit slow as well and all you see is a small or big OP against the enemy once in awhile.And even the Rim Oceans are boring because no one's really trying to make things interesting but just sim their ways up to the top.But never the less we can obviously see a few alliances crawling there way to the top and everyone's expectations are that these alliances try to give a good fight to the others​

"Rim Stories"
So basically I will be reporting on all of the Rim Oceans.And they're O34,O25,O35,O36,O26,O46,O47,O57,O56,O66 & O65.Everything about these oceans will be covered in this issue with some exceptions because some alliances did not reply to the interviews.

Ocean 34
Rotten Tomatoes
Hawklords Electissimus

Hahaha sad to say but we begin without an interview because "Rotten Tomatoes" was taking too long to answer the interview.But I will definitely state my opinion.
My Opinion:-
HawlkLords maybe good in there ranking but from the looks of it "Rotten Tomatoes" will definitely continue to dominate this ocean because they are showing aggression and they have more cities in this ocean.In the case of a war i don't think HawalkLords would stand a chance against them.

Ocean 25 & Ocean 35

1..The external readers would like to know the story behind the making of BrokenBudsNation.Premade or just an alliance who started recruiting players randomly after joining the world?
Also please tell us about the type of players you have in your alliance.
The Jester said:
"BrokenBudsNation" started out as the MRA "Black Knights" soon after realizing that they where indeed a MRA and we wouldn't be going anywhere with them. We broke away into "BrokenBuds". We tried to only bring high active and aggressive players. Which I believed to have worked out

2..How do you feel to be doing good in both alliance ranking and ABP rankings?
The Jester said:
I think we are doing good for our amount of players. I would like to see us have more ABP but that will rise soon.

3..your alliance is spread out into 2 oceans and you dominate them both.will you'll look to spread towards the core at any time?Or are you'll planning on expanding just in rim oceans?
The Jester said:
I would like to get 1 more rim ocean under control and then move up into the core. Anything could happen in the next few months so I guess we will see.

4..Lastly gimme a brief description on both O35 and O25.Any wars going on between alliance?Or any other interesting things happening?Mergers e.t.c?

The Jester said:
O35 is completely dominated by us not many big cities for us to take here anymore. O25 has a few alliances that we need to wipe out before you could say we dominate it. So far no wars just easy conquering :)

My Opinion
I agree completely with what jester says not much of threats to them in the 2 ocean.But I don't think "The 300 Spartans" would be a problem to them as well because of their ABP stats.

Ocean 36
Sucker Punch
Alpha Centauri

Well another no interview because "Sucker Punch" too busy I guess to answer a few simple questions.

My Opinion
Nothing much happening here as well.I thought that "Alpha Centauri" would give a fight to "Sucker Punch" but it seems as the 2 dominant alliances of the ocean are merging because most of the players in AC has now joined SP.So another dead Rim Ocean.

Ocean 26
Sucker Punch
True Fear

My Opinion
Same another borim Rim Ocean."TRUE FEAR may have got the numbers in O26 but I'm pretty sure Sucker Punch" will deal with this alliance real soon.TF doesn't seem to be showing aggression so SP would easily overun them and gain control of this ocean as well.

Ocean 46
Big Cats

1..the story behind BC.pre made or just mass recruiting after joining the world?
Isolde2 said:
We are a combination of the two. Our core members all came over together from another world- about 6 of us, but we have been selectively recruiting as well. At 25 members, clearly we're not mass recruiting ;)

2..Tell me the brief story of O46.Are there any wars happening as of now?any mergers about to happen that could threaten any other alliances?
Also your thoughts on the alliances and players in O46
(please be brief)
Isolde2 said:
We started as the under dog of the ocean- I think we were ranked 4th or 5th alliance in the ocean when we started attacking. Virus was the 1st alliance we went after. I recruited one of their key members who is good, and we continued to hit the rest of them. They disbanded. Then we went after War Wolves. I know their original founder from a different world. We were kosher. He left the world. I recruited the good players from that alliance and we started farming the rest. Then we went after noob hunters. That was short lived and they disbanded within a couple days. I had offered invites to Ace, Greco and one the only other active person in the 6 person alliance wargasm was at the time. Ace told me they would join us and that he needed a day or two to get ahold of Greco. That was the same time we started hitting noob hunters. Instead of joining us like Ace said they would, they decided to take in all the people we were farming from disbanded alliances- "wargasm"is nothing but a bunch of refugees. When we started to attack them, they told me to end the nonsense and merge with them if I want to win, that fighting will only slow our growth. I reminded them this is a war game, and attacked ;) I also let them know how ridiculous it was of them to think we'd want to merge into them :D

3..What are your stances with WARGASM?Allies or Enemies.Stats seem to scream out enemies which also could mean you guys are at war,is it true?
If so is there a coalition involved because BrokenBudsNation seems to be taking some cities of theres as well.If a coalition is involved the external readers would like to know who are the alliances involved in this war?
Isolde2 said:
We are at war with "Wargasm"- if you could call it that. Really we just farm them and take cities from them when we get slots. There is no coalition. Wargasm is recruiting refugees from every ocean and I'm sure the other good alliances are just reacting same as mine. If other people are attacking wargasm I'm not aware of it.

4..Your thoughts on WARGASM?They seem to be a MRA but i'm sure you would know better.
Isolde2 said:
They are an MRA- they have some good players. I won't take credit away from Greco and Ace, they know how to play and are good. But unfortunately, they seem to think reaching number 1 in the rankings by recruiting as many people as possible is the way to win a world.

My Opinion
Atleast this Ocean is abit interesting.Sure that "Big Cats" can easily deal with "WARGASM".And its abit obvious as we can see that "WARGASM" hold rank 9 in alliances DBP.

Ocean 47
Storm Crows

1..Temme the story behind SC.Pre made or you made the alliance and started to recruit players?
The whole story please,And be brief explain about your players and even your stats if you wish and how the name came to be.
Mothergoose501 said:
We are not a pre made. I started this world late and just recruited players that had experience playing on other worlds. I only took players that had at least 5 cities (made them post medal) so I knew what I was getting.

2..For a guy running the alliance alone you guys seem to be really aggressive rank 9 in ABP stats.Whats the reason for this?is it just the way you guys play or any wars you guys are participating n?
Mothergoose501 said:
I keep strict rules on expansion so we are in constant need of more battle points. People around us hate us but its working very well, we have aggressive expansion rules overall. As far as war we are 2-0 now.

3..Lastly tell me the story of O47.Wars or mergers happening?Whats are your thoughts on the alliances playing in this ocean and about the players?

Mothergoose501 said:
In Ocean 47 we had an early competition with "Cats Claws" which came to an end quickly. We took in a few of their top players who are great and expanded easily from there.

My Opinion

another dull ocean but the alliance "Enigma" is one to watch for because they seem to have a few crown winners.

Ocean 57 & Ocean 67
Storm Crows
New Toons

1..Please tell me the BRIEF story behind the Toons.Pre made or MRA?Please give me a description on your players and there nature are they aggressive?Experienced or just simply new players?
Also how are your stats?Is this your 1st world?
Davyd08 said:
We're both Pre-made and MRA. We brought a lot of fighters from Nicaea server over here with us to start, but we've put together as many people as we could from 57/67 as well. The people we brought with us are aggressive fighters, time will only tell with our new recruits.

2..O57 is dominated by you but do you think that "Storm Crows" is a threat to that dominance?
Davyd08 said:
To be honest, "Storm Crows" are a threat, but only because they've begun to attack us before most of our players have gotten a foothold on this server. They use a lot of gold and attack many 1 city players, who're not active enough to report in time. It's going to be an interesting couple of weeks :)

3..Please tell em the brief story of O57,wars happening mergers? or any other interesting events happening?
Also your thoughts on the alliance and players of O57.

Davyd08 said:
War with Storm Crows is our only real news here in 57. They absorbed most of "Cats Claws" and picked off the remaining members that we didn't invite to get a foothold in 57, and had plans on war with us before I ever talked to them.

My Opinion
"New Toon"has a lot of cities but they don't seem to be showing much aggression so its hard to really come into a conclusion on who will win this war.Guess we will have to see in a few weeks time.Based solely on ABP stats "Storm Crows" seems to be winning.But this could change in the weeks to come.
As for Ocean 67 pretty dull few "Minions" in the ocean but doesn't look like a threat to NT.

Ocean 56
Monty Pythons
Polis Greps

1..Please state the story behind MP.Pre made or MRA?
also tell us about your players are they experienced or all new players?How did the name MP come into be you came up with it or did you guys change it later on?
Tikki364 said:
We are not a mra, that's for sure. We were 5 buddies who played in another world on the English server and wanted a fresh start. We landed on the border of 55/56 and invited some players who were close, next thing we knew we had several merger proposals and we only took the active players of those alliances. MP was the original name that Humperdinck and myself came up with. We are a mix of experienced players and some first timers.

2..You guys dominate O56 but i know that "Polis Greps" must be giving you a hard time as most of there players are really experienced.What are your thoughts on Polis greps?
Tikki364 said:
We are very close with the players of "Polis Greps", we both recognize the talent of each and focused our efforts on common enemies.

3..Are you guys engaged in any wars or will you'll be merging into any alliances?
Tikki364 said:
We are at war with a few different alliance, most notably "Minions". No mergers are on the horizon at the moment.

4..Briefly tell me the story of O56.Any wars? mergers? happening.Also your thoughts on the alliances and players on O56

Tikki364 said:
The major war we waged was against the "now defunct pirates", after that we took on players from urai kai, sons of troya, greek cities, ancient gods, and pirates also.

My Opinion
Ocean 56 story is simple "Monty Pythons" will continue to dominate the ocean without a doubt.As for their war with "Monions" see below:)

Ocean 66,Ocean 65 & Ocean 76
Monty Pythons
Enemies Of State

Sadly no interviews for this one as well.EOS would have answered only if they knew English but sadly they're from a different server and does not understand English.
As for Minions
Spartan-Fury said:
we don't do interviews

My Opinion

"Monty Pythons" are giving a good fight for the "Minions" but i dont think they have enough cities to actually win the war in O66 but if they can pull a merger with a few alliances in that ocean and become stronger they will have a chance.

Dont think that these 2 alliances are at war because no colonization between the 2 alliances.But if a war does break out here I'm sure that "Enemies Of State" will give a good fight to the "Minions" because these guys are crown winners as well and an alliance to look out for in the future.

Pretty boring."Minions" easily dominating this ocean.
The thing with Minions though are that they are spread out too much they're in 6 oceans already so I dont think they will survive long in this server.
And thats it For Rim Stories.

"The Upcoming & FreeFallers"

Upcoming Alliances:-
  • New Toons
  • Grepo Rehab
  • Sucker Punch
  • Storm Crows
  • Devils Disciples

FreeFalling Alliances:-
  • Red Mist(Disbanded)
  • W.A.R

Story on how "Red Mist" disbanded
key85 said:
i didnt(disband that is) i kicked odd job he was the other founder - he was doing my nuts and i always wondered if you could kick another founder, was going to leave and do my own thing, so gave rights to a few players to continue with the alliance, but one decided he has always wanted to dissolve an alliance so he did
And guess who that person is Eubea.....

So to say C4 got rid of an alliance not worth to be in the Top 12 for us.And as for Key what founder leaves his own alliances just because he gets a offer to join a higher ranked alliance?
And it's abit obvious that he's abit of a noob.

"Noob Of The Week"

Who in their right mind sends a CS to start a revolt :D


As i told you guys last week,(but i did increase the troops to be killed a bit)

*Bounty Hunt*

Kill (attacking a enemy) 600Swords,350Hops,65Birs,150Archers,100Fast T's
**Hunt should be completed with 2 attacks...
**As proof PM me the 2 reports(screen shots) or post it below.(Also post the code so i can check in-game whether it is legit.)

10 X Treasures of the Underworld
8 X Wedding
3 X Kingly Gifts
And 200 BP

And agin the end of another Eubea Editon hope everyone enjoyed the read and found it very insightful.Also I want to apologize if i did offend anyone with the "Down & Dirty" section which was there in the last issue.Didnt mean to do so just trying to bring humor to the paper.
Banner Credit:-[user]C4R105[/user]

Suggestions for next week edition are always welcome!


loving the keys story and LDL part as well very informative

i seem to remember LDL from Zacynthus think he ran an alliance called KFC or macdonalds maybe pizza hut ,no no i got it was called the saints but it was defo a fast food service


Another great issue Druvi! +1
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Great post :) Have you any plans about making more ?

about LordDarkLiquid: this doesn't look like him. I think he made top 20 with 14 cities in Nicaea.
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I wouldn't be too sure about Hawklords getting hammered in case of a war. While they aren't the most aggressive alliance out there, they're quite big and have pretty decent leadership afaik.

Minions and BrokenBudsNation are definitely alliances to watch out for. They've got some solid players in there. I'll definitely second The Jester's views on Black Knights - there were actually some good players in there but poor leadership and low recruitment standards did them in.

Strangely LordDarkLiquid was the first player to revolt one of my cities. Can't believe my first revolt to the face was done by mistake :heh:


Anything that is not core (44,45,54,55) is rim ^_^
One could form some sort of a "middle-earth" in between but no-one could really keep track of where the border would go.

Nice paper, good to see what's going on outside the core... or for that matter to see that nothing is going on there.


Great post :) Have you any plans about making more ?

about LordDarkLiquid: this doesn't look like him. I think he made top 20 with 14 cities in Nicaea.
It's him alright, probably just a silly mistake. He already had the place revolted before I got it, I had a 2 hours head start on the revolt though and figured I might catch a CS if I sent some birs after my takeover.


and yes i do pan on making more eventhough there is a person threatening me to quit the paper :D


this person who's really concerned about his reputation.Not gonna name him cause its gonna make this situation worse


thanks :)
i wouldnt have done it if this one person made it such a big deal and said that he could even sue me-.-
i mean seriously this is a freaking game:D