Newspaper Eubea Journal IV~Rim Stories


slight update

Ocean 34
Rotten Tomatoes
Hawklords Electissimus

No idea what happened to these two, but its HERT who now clearly command this ocean with 2 million points and 300 cities. Noobs incorporated with a hundred cities a distant second

Ocean 25 & Ocean 35

Styx now control ocean 25, Hert and Sucker Punch 35 with Styx also having a good presence.. Going by the stats it would seem these three are cuddling. could be an interesting war, if it happens.

Ocean 36
Sucker Punch
Alpha Centauri
Alpha Centauri appear to be no more. Sucker Punch still control the ocean with a 1.5m lead over 2nd placed Enigma, but Enigma are picking up cities from Sucker Punch heavily now, nearly 20 cities taken in the last week or so, with no losses.

Ocean 26
Sucker Punch
True Fear
Nothing really happening in this one, Sucker Punch 700,000pts, Styx 300,000pts, more cuddling.

Ocean 46
Big Cats
Meh, after the demise of Wargasm, Big Cats have this one totally under control. Now they just need to defend their borders.

Ocean 47
Storm Crows
Storm Crows mainly moved to Enigma who now hold the number 1 rank in 47 with just shy of a million points. Big Cats, and new boys Antigonan Guard share a million points between them. Enigma seem to be having their own battle with Sucker Punch to the North, Big Cats with New Toon to the east/

Ocean 57 & Ocean 67
Storm Crows
New Toons
New Toon now controlling this one, with Big Cats trying to make inroads. It looked in late February that BC were making gains taking half a dozen cities from Toon but that seems to have slowed up now. New Toon have stopped the rot. In 67 its the New Toon and Minions doing their best Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney impressions.

Ocean 56
Monty Pythons
Polis Greps
Pythons and Polis are no more, Minions dominate. With nobody left to fight in the ocean, will they turn their minds to the core and head towards BE and Stalwart in 55?

Ocean 66,Ocean 65 & Ocean 76
Monty Pythons
Enemies Of State
Totally dominated now by Minions. Will they get bored of life on the rim?


Regarding O34:
HERT = Hawklords Electissimus + Rotten Tomatoes