exits rumors and gossip

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come on fluvy be a doll and tell me how many u got?
at least i go skying knowing i have something to return to


Rumour that i heard is a rumour is a rumour and that rumour is spelt rumour not rumor lool


Can BZC players please stop crying about LTS

And then

And since this is a rumour thread
Rumour has it I cleared all that on my own, so what's stopping BZC from clearing other's LTS?

Irish Cub

rumour has it that BZC have all entered vm due to the fact there is no event on and will swiftly return when the next one starts.
2 Players mean all ? That's confusing at all. But you can only know what your spy is telling you.
But hey i just saw you are in DD, you need players with VM to get a city
oh we got ourselves a biter here says the team who prey on attacking people going into VM, then when the tables are turned moan.

isn't it time you hit VM as well mate, join the others. or have you already.....
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Irish Cub

"biter" ?

I've never said something bad about players who going in VM getting some cs on their screen. That's nice tactice.
But you should look at your stats and stats of your alliance. You are not in the position to have a big mouth. First work on it and then you can talk like a big super star.
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