Pnp Go vs. Relentless


Little background on this PnP. I have been planning this for a while but I could never settle on a single idea for it. I'm deciding to finally make it now because I'm on VM and not playing in this world (Oropos) gives some spare time. Since I'm on VM though I'm not up to date with info so some this may be inaccurate in this. If you find something that I got wrong tell me and I'll fix it. Now in this ill be talking about this war everything having to do with it. So let get started those of you who actually read through all that.

Now what makes this war different is how it got started and how it has progressed. But the story of its start always confused me. But looking at it now I think it can be partially blamed the current GO diplomat TresEquis and to the same extend me. Now before you kill me tres the reason why I see it as your fault partially is because this all started with Unstable Connections and Legions of Gaul fighting. How this fighting started I'm still not sure but I have learned its best not to ask. Either way though both alliance were evenly matched and Spartan Legacy was slowly being dragged into it. At the time SL wasn't happy with the fighting of its two closest allies (sorry ROD guys but its true) but they were more concerned with fighting Order of Choas. Once OOC surrendered though the UC and LOG war became a problem. SL wanted to merge both UC and LOG into themand create a super alliance. Here is where tres comes in :). Tres being our spectacular diplomat was able to convince UC of the idea and he got them to agree to a ceasefire with LOG so talks on the merge could happen. From what I can tell he did more the talking with UC than LOG. He also had UC agree to a ceasefire which had them thinking that LOG had already agreed to this as well. Sadly LOG didn't agree to it (they actually refused to merge with into SL if UC was coming because they didnt trust them for some reason) and it never got pasted along to UC that they didn't agree. So LOG continued to attack and this got UC really mad. So this end talks with LOG about a merge but talks continued with UC and that merge did happen which left LOG a but confused as to why all there red flags suddenly turned green. But it also gave them time to prepare for a war against the Unstable Spartans with their new allies (or old I'm really not sure) New Era and The Immortals. So really what caused all this was a lack on communication (tres but mostly the SL council), people holding grudges (LOG and UC), and the SL council being a little unorganized creating that lack of communication (SL forum mod... "Hey that's me! Oh wait..."). Now start of this new fighting, you can go learn about in my older PnP right here


Now the war today GO VS. The Relentless hasn't changed much since the beginning. Still little ground is ever gain and still its really North Vs. South. I could explain all the merges but I think everyone knows those stories. Later once I gain the scoresheet that someone out there hopefully has, ill post it here. Other than that so far the war between the two biggest alliances has yet to break any alliance records.

GO vs Relentless
22 gained --- lost 40


Another thing that makes this war special is that most of the top 15 alliances have allied with either GO or Relentless. Most of the time it works out that if you are in the South you ally with GO and if you're in the North you ally with Relentless. Alliances with a GO next to them have taken GO's side. Alliance with an R next to them have taken the Relentless side. Alliance with a ??? next to them either don't have a side officially or I'm not sure I can tell you their side without getting in trouble.

1 Game Over GO
2 Relentless R
3 Lost Empire. GO
4 N.A.T.O GO
5 Revolting Wicked Trolls R
6 Blackwater Elites ???
7 The Immortals R
8 GGW aka Da Mob GO
9 Triad ???
10 Equilibrium R
11 The Thracian Rebirth ???
12 The Inglorious Bs GO
13 The Strip Joint GO
14 Elite. ??? (a food source for GO)
15 The Scared Band GO (this may not be accurate)

Now here is a little map to so you can make sense of this. Red is Relentless and allies, Blue is GO and allies, Purple is ???, and Yellow is everyone's favorite turtle. I put a couple extra alliances on this map as well because i felt like it. WARNING MAP MAY NEED UPDATING
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I may be able to add a little as to how and why this war began. Basically although Spartans and LoG were Allies, it appeared that Spartans were moving into O54 in greater numbers even though LoG were not happy about it. UC then merged LoG's main Enemy (cant recall the Alliance name now) into them, which gave them a foothold into 54 as well. These developments made LoG very uneasy about things, and stunted theregrowth, and well as they say, the rest is history


well you are sort of right but either thanks for the scores.


Well its better than the last score for GO. Thanks man


You know I'm a little mad at Relentless right now. Last everyone on my island was attacked (and I have the trips to prove it) expect for me. Am I not good enough or something?


I thought that it might have been because of low morale but now that I checked it is still at 100% so just give me your offline times and I'll attack you as much as you want.

A few problem with that...
1. You too lazy to go to grepointel and type in my name?
2. Im not converting the time in which i sleep to Berlin time. Its too much work and like the mods i dont sleep.
3. Ya i would give you my offline times.
4. I dont think you have any cities near me.


For number 2 both
For number 4 really? Why havent I noticed you?


I was a cofounder in UC so I think I can speak on our members behalf by saying, Tres should have atleast told us of LoG's plans so we can keep our claims and OPs going. But no he didn't even mention their plans, and we found out with a cs in a members harbor(city was saved I believe but barely)

I don't play here anymore because once I was in SL as a leader I realized they cared more about pacts than abp! In UC we were hard core fighters that lead every bp ranking till our merge.


I don't play here anymore because once I was in SL as a leader I realized they cared more about pacts than abp! In UC we were hard core fighters that lead every bp ranking till our merge.
GO which is partly made of UC is still top in all bp rankings.
Tres is a busy guy so I don't blame him that much. I'm sure I blamed him too much anyway.
Also keeping our pacts has gain us and our allies total control of 12 oceans. 5 of those oceans are only under our control. We are hard core fighters without a doubt but we don't go and kill everyone. And I invite you to join us again if you want so that we can prove it to you.


Really... I'm pretty sure we were the #1 attacking alliance... We have been for the entire time Oropos has been around. Everybody, including our enemies, know that. We are #1 attacking, #1 defending, #1 player, control the most oceans, #1 attacking player, #1 defending player...

The list goes on. Your statements are invalid nick1 (sorry don't know your ign for some reason :p)