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  1. Zexceed

    Zexceed Taxiarch

    Jan 23, 2018
    now for the developers of the game this might seem like a big No-No right of the bat but hear me out on this.

    the ability to use the pay to win feature in this game called ''gold'' gives the players who regulary use/abuse this feature a major advantage over the ones who can't afford to use this mechanic.

    i strongly believe this plays a big role in why so many decide to quit the game whilst playing. if you're on the wrong side of it it's just simply ot fun to continue playing that way. no matter what tactics you come up with as a team. gold will always be victorious. especially on slower speed worlds the abuse of this feature is outstanding.

    i get that gold is a way to keep the game running since money is in fact needed to keep up with the costs of running the servers and the team. but by implementing this feature the game is slowly dying.

    my proposal:

    i would like to propose a concept of gold free worlds. you may be asking why this should be considered?

    well, allow me to clarify.

    by implemeting gold free worlds you give the players who can't afford to spend money to play competetively a chance to enjoy the game to it's fullest without any restricitions or disadvantages.

    this will over time rebuild and increase the player base many times over. veterans will return but it will also draw in alot of new players that can now also experience the full extention of the game. this positive snow ball effect will continue making the game grow.

    now you might be saying if the game grows larger the upkeep costs will also increase?

    this is true. more staff will be needed to keep the game running and more servers will need to be added which increases the costs. you can counter this by holding special events with a buy in clause like special tournaments and events and also adding more regular worlds where gold is allowed.

    this idea is not final so any additions and extra ideas along with feedback are strongly welcomed, be it from players or mods.


    the reason why there are so many ideas regarding this issue is because there's more thand a handful of players who feel the same way about this. i stated above that this matter would indeed cost money but by expanding and growing your game/player base, you'll increase revenue over time as well.

    this is not a loss at all for the company. see it as an investment to expand. the way it is now there is no progression and it feels like milking a series till it's completely dead. even though it can easily be revived to reach greater heights than ever before.

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  2. Ice Prince

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    Aug 29, 2014
    This is a great idea !
    I would love to play there.
  3. Grepo Chuckey

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    Feb 13, 2017
    Goodluck with this. Inno can care less about if you have fun or not. They just want to see how fat your wallet is.
  4. TobiramaSenju

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    Oct 29, 2017
    What would be the potential benefits for Inno as a business ? We may wish for many things , but server costs really are expensive (many games close down because of how hard it is to maintain these costs) .. and with no revenue for the expenditure used to maintain the server why would they make the server ? I'm sorry but I back Inno on this one mate.

    On a more constructive side : Perhaps an entrance fee, then F2P the rest of the server ? But even this i doubt will be of any significance.
  5. Zexceed

    Zexceed Taxiarch

    Jan 23, 2018
    @TobiramaSenju what would be the benefit you say? one of the biggest reasons players quit is because of gold. take that out of the question and you'll have those players returning in no time. this will increase the player base and exposure of the game.

    the use of ads could also be implemented for the company to make money with this added exposure. and with many more players they can increase the general amount of worlds as well. maybe even adding more game modes that do explicitly use the gold system like rapid fire worlds etc. theres a lot of ways there can be worked around this issue and with enough thought put into it, it should surely be possible to implement this and even build up the company as a whole.

    VIRTUALSELF Hekatontarch

    Mar 31, 2018
    I had another idea i spoke with Theservant about. Either put Grepolis on steam or make some specific "Gold free" worlds a one-buy. I dont know if people would be offended, but i would like some worlds to be like a buy-in where it would cost maybe 20-50 dollars, and then the world would be gold-free. OFC these worlds wouldnt be flooded with new players, but that is where the Put-grepolis-on-steam idea comes in.
  7. Zexceed

    Zexceed Taxiarch

    Jan 23, 2018
    @VIRTUALSELF if a buy in clause would be implemented, it shouldn't be too high either. this will only discourage players from joining. so keeping it at ~ 20 would be the best. since you will be pulling in more players with this method. you have to find the balance on the market (Qa=QV) in order to make this happen.
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  8. lukjackm

    lukjackm Phrourach

    Mar 10, 2010
    I think a suscription based world which give you free premium would work well, cos lots would join the world and stay active cos of no imballance, generating good monthly revenue, they could have a month pre-register to creat the hype and have the speed settings 3 or 4, so world only lasts a year or so. They could also call it a promotional world or sonething like that
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  9. Kratos Giantsbane

    Kratos Giantsbane Lochagos

    May 14, 2018
    It is true that the game is providing an unfair advantage to the GOLD spenders. Please do something of this kind, Maybe 1 free-world per 10 or 20 regular worlds or 1 free-world per year would be nice.

    As mentioned earlier, Eventhough it may costs you more, It can be used as a way to attract more players back into the game. Consider the expenses for this server as an advertisement expenditure.
  10. crazy cowboy

    crazy cowboy Phrourach

    Dec 24, 2012
    Personally these are my thoughts: Inno will definitely lose money in a gold free world. Its just simple math & common sense. however, I do like the idea of advertisements and a "promotional world". I think if ONE world like this were to open every 1.5-2 years it could highly increase player database.

    Ex. Inno decided "screw it, let's see what happens"
    Inno now runs adds constantly on tv commercials, social media platforms promoting this "no pay to win" world that starts in say a couple months. Grepo sends emails to all current and past inno customers, say one email a month leading up to it, advertise the crap out of it. Then, I can surely say this world would be PACKED!
    This creates a money problem, I know. But, ALL other worlds are still the same as before, this world is simply meant to draw in gamers from every level. Maybe even make deals with other gaming websites and exchange ads on their sites. Thousands and thousands of new and active gamers come, play this level playing field and like the game, think of the money Inno will make when these players become good, and stay for more worlds. then if it's a success, (of course Inno will only know this about a year after the world closes and players move to gold worlds and start spending money) Inno could make us a world every few years. With huge advertising.
    One money costing world that draws in a huge base of customers who are sure to stick around after words and spend money now that they know how to efficiently play is not a TERRIBLE idea. But then again idk the economics or if they're financially stable enough to make this kind of world.

    A buy-in world would be cool, but only for veterans. Not a single new player would be attracted to a game you HAVE to pay before even starting, I think this would either be a fun as heck world, or be a flop.

    Either way I think Inno should look into a free and promotional world, do the math and decide whether or not to take a risk. Business is all about risks.

    Either way I do think inno should atleast tell us. many players have liked and supported this idea, I think they should care for their customers and simply tell us if this is possible or not.
  11. colosal

    colosal Phrourach

    Apr 21, 2010
    A subscription-based world, I like this idea. I just wish there wasn't any gold involved.
    However, InnoGames is a company, and as companies do, they need to dig into the pockets of customers.
  12. kuriants

    kuriants Phrourach

    Nov 9, 2011
    It would be unrealistic to think a company who employs people to produce the game and update the game, along with pay for the servers to run the game, to get a free world. Honestly i don't even see a subscription based world being beneficial for Innogames, especially if the price is set at 20 euro. 20 euro * 5,000 people = 100,000 euro, i don't believe Inno would make as much money by doing this subscription based server, it would take a lot of people to commit to playing this server before innogames would even consider this kind of server in my opinion. While 100,000 is a lot, each server there are individuals who spend into the 1,000s on gold which is why i think a subscription based server wouldn't work as Inno will lose out on the top players in each server spending 1,000s on gold throughout a server's lifetime.

    VIRTUALSELF Hekatontarch

    Mar 31, 2018
  14. Zendax

    Zendax Lochagos

    Jul 16, 2017
    hey, let grepolis make money