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Grey, i got 3k+ thanks, your -1 ignorance, does not do the weather :). I must be doing something ok.

ps. here is + for critique.
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Skully, i did it myself in less than a day.....
Not impressed, like, at all :p Your website advertising design is a webdesigner's nightmare. It's so ironic it's funny. It looks crêpe and the code is a mess. You probably used some sort of WYSIWYG generator which is literally the worst way to build a site, especially for someone who calls himself a ''webdesigner.''

To put it in your own words;

Dear Xtcmax,

is not even near your capabilities. Why do you spent 3 seconds on the site and even call yourself "advanced" ?
Your words: "i design Custom U.I. Design for Web Sites (Templates, navigational items)", u do not sir. If you want me to "love" you, then show some real work, where u put your heart into, or at least 1 hour of work.

Xtc, u know.... when i was green, i did not even publish my work, i trained, studied, experimented, when you put your "work", at least know the html/css standards and effective color palettes for websites.

It hurts me to see "another" artist, who can do better, but don't want to.


Anyways, we're going Off-Topic. Xtc just go back to your own thread and don't forget your massive ego. Grey, keep making people happy with your stuff :D
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I'm think an impossible sig design for you Grey....bwahahaha