Can Tikehound please pm me his battle reports, as I have asked but he replied that he refuses to talk to others he does not know, and proceeds to insult me (I am not going to lie when I say that aside from his insults, this goes against what I know about him).
If this is the case then I regret Neily1 not informing us of this when this was discussed this in game, but ronthorn disclosed to us that this was not the case, and so you can see why we thought otherwise. Action may be taken if ronthorn is shown to be lying, but he did admit that he may have been attacked once before, which does not count as farming, but if another can send me another report in game then we action may be taken.
If you have nothing else to say then I will see this thread as a success for showing the world your attitude to diplomacy, it may seem a tactical advantage to break a pact or Nap, and attack without warning, but once the information reaches other potential pact alliances, then they will know of this, and may not wish to have dealings with you that may result only in a surprise attack.
I am also surprised at how you accept players who actively admit to disobeying diplomatic relations, to quote
"Ok, you have a NAP,but I will attack anyway", and
"Am I bad? I do hope so".
If these are the sorts of players you allow and the attitudes you teach then this is more reason for potential pacts to choose against any sort of relations with you.
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simming + mass recruiting + some inactivity = your alliance flag cleaned off the map UNLESS you fight back

I like both Kal and Neily, but I think this ultimately is what the problem was. These other details being discussed are really irrelevant when there is a lesson to be learnt here for future worlds.

To be fair, the mallz have done well so far - my CS failed taking one of them today (albeit I am sending round two), and so did another one going for Kal's city. If you keep it up who knows, maybe HEROES will readjust their opinion of you. Even if they don't, others will see that you're fighting and not giving up. Whether you care or not is another matter, but it's all experience to be a better player and a better team.

I say you learn from this and try to see the cup as half full rather than half empty, you have a chance to show fight with a real contender this time.

Kal Gordon

Neily, I am a little surprised at your attitude in that last post of yours. You said earlier on that it should not be personal, and when I replied to ZeokTV, I admitted that you may well be a good diplomat in other cases (I only say 'may well' because I have not been on those worlds and therefore could not confirm either way), but that in this particular case you acted with a lack of respect. For you to basically sling mud at me, and make it more personal, in the same post as the one criticising others for mudslinging is a little odd, but everyone has the right to their own opinions.

When ZeokTV said to have fun and he wished us good luck, I made a statement that was a matter of fact: it is not fun to have a Top 12 alliance turn on you, nor is it fun to be personally mocked in someone's profile. While I am obviously not pleased with the way things turned out between us, I accepted that you had turned on us, and I was cordial to ZeokTV, who came up with calm, reasonable responses to what was being said. The mudslinging was basically restarted by Tikehound, whereas I would have been happy to leave it where I did. I only continued because other players launched in with mudslinging at me.

So while I admit that I was responsible for some of the mudslinging, so were your players. That is a fact, and I don't intend to start yet more of it.

And Olijan, you might have better leadership, and they are certainly more experienced leaders, but timing was also a factor. We had been growing, but Heroes had a significant headstart on us, so blaming leadership for our smaller size is not entirely correct. I don't want to start another argument, just to say that it was not the only factor involved, as your post implies.

Stephy, I understand what you are saying, but there is a difference between simming and having to build up a little because you are a lot smaller than the other alliances in the area. I do intend to take this as a lesson for the future.

If anyone wants to carry this on, then they can. But I agree that any further mudslinging is pointless. What is done is done, no matter how I feel about it.


You seem a reasonable man, Kal, and a good leader of your alliance, but you are a victim of circumstances, of geography, rather than any particular misdemeanour. Some conflicts have an inevitability to them that defy ones ability to control them, if not one flashpoint now, then another later. I'd suggest that it was never a realistic proposition to assume a Non Aggression Pact could endure UNLESS it was of similar value for both parties. And in Grepolis, how can one alliance allow the growth of another in its core territory ? That would be a suicidal state of affairs in the later stages of the world. All such NAP's are destined to end once the reason for their existance has gone.

Kal Gordon

I was hoping that it would be able to become of equal value to both parties. We were on the rise, and had started to conquer cities. But apparently we were not quick enough for the liking of others.

I understand about the core, but given that in the later stages many alliances lose players to inactivity and eventually merge, and I intended to stay with Heroes, I thought it would not be an issue, especially as, when I first contacted Neily to organise some sort of pact or agreement, a possible status as an academy in the future was mentioned. I did reject that idea at the time, mainly due to some very bad experiences while in a relationship of a similar sort with Empires. But I never said that it would not be an option in the future.

I understand why it happened, but I feel that it could have been handled a little better on both sides.


What was wrong with my attitude in the last post. I think you will find i have reacted in a really calm manner considering you have been saying a lot about me to your players. You have been saying a lot about me in external forums. People have been messaging founders (friends) in other worlds to tell me how untrustworthy i am etc etc.

I believe im entitled to state that i think it's time this comes to an end. I never once made a comment about you or anyone else on a personal level! I have been called untrustworthy, disrespectful, a poor leader, a belittler etc etc etc and have taken it all and not responded in an emotive way even though it's pissed me off more than slightly

Kal Gordon

I was meaning that you called me a mudslinger, which did seem like a personal comment to me. I felt as though it focused entirely on me, when players on both sides were slinging mud. And the disdain and attitude towards Kyrakia was at least partially an emotive response. I do feel that I was treated with at least a slight lack of respect, but that is personal opinion, and I don't think we will get any further on that.

And I did not know that messages were going out in other worlds. The only other world I am in is Nagidos, and I have not contacted the founders of any alliance in that world, due to only arriving yesterday.

I agree that it should come to an end, and my last two posts have been attempting to do that, as did my replies to ZeokTV.

Let's just end this here. What is done is done. We both have our own reasons to be pissed off, but this isn't going to achieve anything now.


My attitude towards that person is completely warranted and actually my demeanour more timid than anyone would be in real life were they to go around saying such things publicly. Only because i don't give trolls the "rise" they crave did the thread not go in a whole other, much nastier direction

And I did not know that messages were going out in other worlds. The only other world I am in is Nagidos, and I have not contacted the founders of any alliance in that world, due to only arriving yesterday.
No i know you didn't hence why i said "you" on the other things and only "people" on the other one. I have no interest in naming who it was, kind of obvious really.

Kal Gordon

I don't deny that I may have acted badly towards you, but the events of the last few days combined with the stress of real life issues were enough to make me emotional. I too have endured some mockery and insults from your alliance, and I have restrained myself at least a little in replying to them. Nothing further will be gained from this thread, on either side. As you say, this is a game and nothing should be personal. I hope that both sides can just end this here.

Kal Gordon out.


Before you go Kal, I would like to say one more thing.

As someone who has been playing this game on and off since Gamma, I can say I have definitely experienced what you and your current allies are going through at least twice in the past. It happens, the cards just weren't in your guys favor. What I can give as a word of advice however is this: Don't let it get to you. What I've come to learn throughout my time in this game is that you simply can't let emotions get involved in this game. The time, dedication, and even sometimes money that we invest into this game being taken away from you is definitely not a fun matter. But in reality, what learning experience is? We must make mistakes in order to learn from them. At one point I was an adopted founder of a 200 + person alliance in Dimale; Successfully leading my people nearly by myself. Unfortunately that became to much for me, as I was spending countless days without sleep answering mail and sorting out diplomatic situations, so I passed some tasks along to other players whom during my time there were considered friends. In the end rumors were spread which caused revolt from inside leading to an eventual disband. The end of my term as a founder resolved in my, and my lady both receiving death threats; as well as bigotry comments that were highly unnecessary. What I learned from this overall is that not a single individual can truthfully control/lead an entire alliance himself, and that not everyone is who they perceive themselves to be. Especially those you are closest to in most cases.

Now, would I ever take everything I went through back? No way. Although my lady no longer will play this game with me as we used to due to the threats etc, I still came out more experienced and knowledgeable than I was before. Although I have been here for so long, I still learn new things every day; and enjoy every moment of it, as in the long run it makes me a better player, which in this game is exactly what everyone wants to be.

Personally I feel the saddest part of it all is, those whom I see in future worlds that have either conquered me or have fought bravely against my forced are usually the ones I view with the most respect and honor; as well as become the ones I hope to play alongside in the future. What makes this game fun isn't whether you are winning or losing, it's whether you are learning and progressing your skills for the future or leaving the game in anger only to come back later to repeat the same mistakes.

Hopefully my words provide some clarity for you, and anyone else in your alliance. You have proved to me your willing to fight, maybe even a little to much; however due to this I will always recognize your name in future worlds, and to me that's something that really matters.

Yours Truly, Z

Kal Gordon

Thank you for your advice Zeok. It does help a lot. This isn't the first time I have played, as I was in Hermonassa back in 2013/2014 under a different account (which I lost the email and password for). I ran my own mini-alliance there before it fell apart, and then joined in with Macedonian Phalanx. It was a shame that I had to leave, but I just couldn't spend the time what with upcoming GCSEs and all the clubs I did back then.

My willingness to fight may have been exaggerated a little - I took weeks to prepare for a war against Vikings, who had a lot of inactives and not much organisation. It's a shame this happened, as that war looked like it was going to be a lot of fun. I'm usually a very cautious person, both in-game and in real life.

And I will definitely remember you Zeok, especially for your advice and the way in which you manage to treat anyone with respect, enemy or ally. I look forward to interacting with you on other worlds, maybe even on Nagidos as I joined up there on Sunday with a few of the more dedicated Malloreans. (It was very interesting to see who left, and how people left, after the attacks started to get serious.) I will definitely watch out for you in future, and I wish you the best of luck.

Kind regards,

Kal Gordon


got tons of time for guys who cry foul after agreeing a nap only to see it busted. schoolboy error/amatuerish? whatever, its a war game with a foodchain, eat or be eaten

Labrelum Inc.

In all honesty I don't know why an actual war must arise from this situation. It would not be enemies but it would just be neutral. We are enemies now. The actual main part of attacking each other should have been just to get each other out of the core. I don't know why the war is ongoing.