Pnp How to fool a tool - the recipe


by the way..seems like kryptians are all that from outside the world...but now that i've seen kindered

and jorisva sorry man but he got u and ur don't know about the world
but he can word his way out of anything and make u guys look like fools...
Yes we do. ;)
Check world rankings, check krypteia's conquests, check OV's (his alliance) growth and compare it with Krypteia's growth. And you'll know enough. :p


Haha. If you were doing this with no support from your alliance, that would be one thing. Of course, if you WERE doing this alone with no support from your alliance, you would already be crushed - simple as that.

True but the fact that he is a decent player and has a good sense of humour and fun can't be denied. :p