Guide How to grow your empire


I Like your guide, however i play the opposite and tend to keep my barracks and harbor only at required levels. I don't like farming because of the threat of militia and the vulnerability of the offensive units from attacks.

I believe Naval units are better for gaining bp. Less bonus' for the enemy and no militia to fight against.

Call me a noob if you like but you can't say I haven't grown good in the last month.


Dudes and dudettes,
This may be a stupid question, but. Will my population run out once the farm is fully expanded? If so, where the hell do I get more?


Once you expand your farm is expanded to max at 40 or 45 (hero world) then you cannot receive any more pop until you kill off you units by attacking people.

Of course, make sure that you have Plow researched in the academy since it gives you 200 extra pop.

If you are struggling and want to make your nuke bigger you can stream your cities and demolish buildings to gain extra pop.


I will give you my advice:

Farm FVs and peeps. You're sorted.

Most people either:

A) Don't make time to farm. Farming will create much more resources than your mines will by a mile.

B) Don't farm peeps. This will not only decrease the likeliness of them attacking you (due to be cleared) but it will also give all their resources to you. Depending on how many cities you farm, you can easily grow faster than most gold-users.

C) Prioritize their cities over their troops. The few times I have been successful is because I prioritized my troops. My troops allowed me to farm and clear my whole island single handedly multiple times a day. It also allowed me to conquer early.

From doing this I was easily one of the best players on that server, I had the respect from the top players on that server. Do this and I guarentee that you will be one of the best and will learn far quicker. You will beat most gold users this way.