How We Doin?


So, i'll be your local guide mod out in the world and in here while you all battle out the world of Kastoria.

No matter if your a Beginner, Simmer, Vet, or Spammer, If you need anything just let me know and I will do my best to help.

Let's try to have some fun out there and in here. :D:cool:


my favorite mod, that means baudin isnt lurking round here?


same day, same stuff.

welcome to kastoria, old players and new.

if i see a comment i haven't seen a quadrillion times in other games that have outlived and continue to thrive past any naysayers, i might have a reply.

chev, good to see you, and the rest of the gang, thanks for rolling with us


My apologize for my absence I needed to take some personal time off, rest assured these forums will be modded as intended. I'd like to thank Baudin Toolan for covering in my absence. Now let's all get back to having fun and keeping these forums clean and on topic.