Hungarians on Grepolis International?

Discussion in 'Baris Alliances' started by Thrillology, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Thrillology

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    Jul 3, 2011
    HU-BORG is a Hungarian alliance that uses Google Translate to communicate with other players in English. Look at their islands! Already three islands almost maxed out! In their response to our diplomat's offer of a pact, they said this:
    Now, look at:
    Island 543703
    Island 543681
    Island 543693

    Dang. They're dead serious. I hope the core oceans can cease fighting for a little bit to all handle the Hungarians and then we could all go back to the usual core ocean feuds. Otherwise, we might all be blitz rimmed as the Hungarian Empire comes to the age of antiquity.

  2. eye eater

    eye eater Guest

    :eek: The Hungarians are coming!! eek eek run hide :D
  3. Boop4U

    Boop4U Guest

    haha fight them your self
  4. eye eater

    eye eater Guest

    :eek::eek: Thrillology is coming to my city now .. oh no! i`m a goner... lmao
  5. Szasza0326

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    Hy guys! We will be gentle, I promise. We just want your cities,that's all. Don't worry, it won't hurt much ;)
    You don't have to be affraid the Hungarians that much. Most of us can only speak english via Google Translate anyway,eh?:eek:
    A friendly advice to all of ye: You can run,but you cannot hide...
  6. Boop4U

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    haha good luck i don't play this world so conquer all their cities