I think I've been attacked by multi-accounts.

I was spammed a lot with 1,000 Silver several times from one player for a week now. After that another player acted like him inside his guild. His guild was not a big guild. It was surprising that all of their towns had similar names. Then often do the same behavior during the same period. I have friends of mine who play games with me. It's hard for you to name cities similar to your friends. Including running the army and robbery that seemed to be the same person. I won't go into specifics as it might cause them to lose their reputation. But I have no authority to investigate this matter. I'd like to meet the admin and have him check on the correctness. Hopefully me and him will be judged fairly. I'm at "World Dokos"


Grepolis Team
Send a ticket with the details to the support team and we will check this out.

Go to settings/support in game to access support. List the names that concern you on the ticket.