Ideas to Renew Activity

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
So Lambda is a dead forum world and someone thinks it's impossible for it to be more active. However I'm not such a pessimist and I'm willing to try and make it more active. So I figured I'd ask the posters here what they would like to see in order to improve this forum's activity.

Ideas Thus Far:
Personality of the Month Competitions (includes prizes for the winner)
Best Player in Lambda Competition (includes prize for winner)
Alliance History Threads

Personality of the Month Comp: These are usually held every month and include a some gold and a title for the winner. The comp includes a nomination phase followed by a poll in which people vote for who they think was the biggest personality in the Lambda Forum that month.

Best Player in Lambda Comp: These polls are held every 3-4 months and would include gold and possibly a title for the winner. This comp would be similar to the POTM comp in that the players would be nominated and then voted for in a poll but instead of people being nominated for their forum personality it would be for their in-game skill.

Alliance History Threads: Lambda is an old world so that means plenty of alliances have histories worth sharing. Make a thread about your alliance and tell us about their previous/current wars, mergers, how it was founded.

Post if you have any other ideas to promote activity on the forums, any input would be welcome :)


I think the bloody ravens getting conquered early on made the forums so quiet, we had the people that were most active in other forums in Eta per.example but u can try and bring activity, good luck mate.


Well my idea was to create a news article which worked for a little while lol :p