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(Yeah I'm Going To Put This Same Resume Everywhere :3)

Hello, I Am Looking For A Strong Active And Experienced Alliance In World "CHI" That Will Take Me. I Am Most Commonly Known As "The Bunneh" I Am A Very Dedicated Player And I Am Very Loyal. I Have Quit Every One Of MY Other Worlds But My Best One, Theta Where I Have 29+ Cities And Over 279,000 Points, And I Have My Grepo Stats To Prove It.
My Grepo Stats
I Will Be A Great Accet To Any Alliance And I Have Refrence From Other Players In Theta. If You Wish To Ask Any Of My Refrence Then P.M. Me And I Will Tell You The Names. You May Contact Me By P.M. Any Time And I Will Always Respond. So, I Am Looking For An Alliance That Has Great Experience And Is Strong That I Can Join. Please P.M. Me If I Am Able To Join You.

I Will Be Ready To Serve To My Limit And Beyond... And Im Ready To Test OUt My New Battle Strategies :3 I Never Get Much BP Im My Big THeta Server Because, Well My Alliance Almost Owns My Whole Ocean AND THe Ones By It :( THeir #1 In All 4 Oceans By Me Too. (Their #3 In World Wide)

Thank You.
-Kyleli (A.K.A. The Bunneh)
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Their not recruiting anymore
i would read the thread before you ask to join


I don't think Kyle will be accepted and even if he gets in the alliance he will most likely get kicked out. This alliance is an exclusive one and we can carry any dead weights or players who will set us back from our goal