In loving memory: MozzyLee


I learned of Mozzy’s passing today and wanted to reach out to the Grepolis community to express my sympathies. Having played once on her team and several times against, I knew her to be the person so many others have described. A fierce competitor, strong at heart. May her kids and her teammates find happiness in the moments lived and shared, and that your eternal grief will become easier to bear.

“Trip killed, are you okay?” Here’s to you, Mozzy, thanks for having shared your time with us here.


I never got a chance to be with or against Mozzy much personally and thus only know her by name, but this is sad to hear!
The couple small encounters I've had with her she seemed a very respectable player and quickly became someone who I admired for being very kind.
My condolences to all her friends and family, she will surely be missed!


I’m pretty late to this but I got to play with her briefly in some crash and burn US premade that I made. She was a good team mate and always pretty nice. Also got to play against her in En113 and was one the few people I never managed to catch slacking on that world. I’m not really good at these kinds of things but I’m sorry to hear that she passed.