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    Phears your Pi stat sheet is full of losing cities. And yes you did attack Uni with a large sword attack we all looked at it and got a good laugh at it. Your defense bp is high because you only build defense and get beat down and still your first page is full of reds (cities you lost). Yet you want credit and respect? Your only fall back is you don't care...which is what makes me wonder why any team like AL would let you on their team. You don't accomplish anything and you are just a liability. But you are really good in the forums!
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  2. Phears

    Phears Phrourach

    Oct 7, 2010
    Blind aswell as ignorant Yo? I attacked uni with 2000 swords to try and goad him into attacking me, gets awfully boring here in the core if not.

    So if i never attack why is it that im ranked 57th in ABPs? If i never attacked surely i wouldn't even be in the top 100 no? If you look im actually only a couple places below a player of yours Dough Beast.

    Once again your talking out of your *** and using false statements.

    Your promises are empty just as your opinions, go get a life and some friends (other than Zolen)
  3. yowhatsup

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    If you are attacking anyone it's not us. Must be the inactives you clear. And I think it's hilarious you find a way to justify attacking Uni with 2k swords and your answer is to get him to attack you. Ha!.

    Dough Beast takes cities from real players, you don't.
  4. Phears

    Phears Phrourach

    Oct 7, 2010
    Your running out of excuses and BS to throw at me here Yo. Just get on with the game and rim me already, oh wait we all know that wont happen just as we know you guys wont defeat AL.
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    How do you define defeated? To me when we can take AL ciites, and AL can't take our cities...that's defeated...but if you mean as we take your cities you keep running going nah nah boo boo the way grepolis is designed at this point in the game you cant rim me...then yea you can keep running like the weak player you are. gg.
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    Indeed, AL died as soon as we started open capping you. I am sorry that you can't see that.

    Look at your #1 players stats.

    The way the game is designed, if you are driven to keep playing. You can ALWAYS grow.

    But look at his conq's and tell me that AL isn't defeated. That's your #1 Phears.

    In Incubi... that's what we call D E F E A T.

    Another good example of DEFEAT, is your own stats.

    You brag about having cities in our core, yet you exist at our luxury.

    When you understand the finer aspects of the game i am sure you will understand.
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    Ok, not trying to pick sides here cause I don't respect phears as much as the next guy, but why don't you folks just rim him so we can get him off the forums? Seriously, it would be like community service or something. I know I am not alone when I say I am tired of coming to the forums and the only posts to read are drama crap balloons filled with crap.

    Please, just shut him up already.
  8. curly123

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    Jan 21, 2011
    Quick question, why post here if this is the case, its like giving someone a chair and telling they can't sit on it :p
  9. Phears

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    Oct 7, 2010
    lol didn't know i was so hated :p oh wait i'm not it's just a few players that don't like the fact that i stand up for myself and have different opinions.

    Billotronic please stop brown-nosing it's not becoming of you. If you read through my posts you will see that they are generally up-beat posts with a fair point of view. So please just go listen to some heavy metal and go cry...
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    come on now phears I resent your heavy metal rarely listens to that and runs off to're just being argumentative at this point..A reason why many on here don't seem to like you....

    Phears is here to stay if he wants to be, but making it clear..if we want a city off him or anyone else for that matter it will be taken.

    If incubi overlooks you for a period of time, don't worry we'll get around to you eventually :)
  11. eguthrie83

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    this was already answered...we're writing our name in the history books so to speak..
  12. Nisseonbeer

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    Aug 6, 2011
    (its me and yo he reffer to)

    Forgot about this old post ;)
    took a city from u the otherday, and according to the milits i did hit u was online :cool:

    i gonna take a city more soon. :-D would u mind to tell me when u are online, cause its already F........ eazy to take ur city's so plz let me know next time u log on and i take a city more :pro: