Introducing Dueses Supremoss AKA DS in O36

Discussion in 'Baris Alliances' started by Reeper83, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. Reeper83

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    We are an upstart alliance that you may not know now, but you will know us soon. We come from the Brazilian servers with the intent on making a name for ourselves. We are open to members from all backgrounds, but universally you must be active, aggressive, in Ocean 36(or adjacent) and most importantly, be a team player. We will not accept anything less. We are here in O36 looking to solidfy our presence their. If you are interested in joining message ;) fernandabr for more information. We have lofty goals and are in this to the end. We have experience here and are willing to teach.
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  2. Manu Forti

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    Mar 22, 2011
    A penny for all the times i have heard that frase in here during my 2,5 years in this game

    How long have you and your mates played this game first of all???
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    Pleasure to meet you Manu Forti,
    I represent this group of players from a Brazilian server coming here to avoid some illegal actions that happened there. Their alliance was very strong where all players held more than 50 cities at a time. You are part of very powerful pre-made as it would seem with Insidious, but even in your beginning you can learn from an assortment of players whether 6 months to a year, or 2-5 years as yourself. We may not have your alliances power or experience but it does not mean we don't have anything to offer a newer player. We understand all the lingo, timing, and communicate using skype just as any of you do. We may just yet impress you. Proving ourselves is a challenge we love to have, I hope you will see that shortly. Good luck in your quest to stay atop.