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Ithaca Informer
Welcome all to another edition of the Ithaca Informer. Remember that interview with cyprus63? Well theres a funny story about that. Today we have Jawoooopck of Ile Basilike and Persilog of Inglorious Basterds. Get each issue link messaged to you by subscribing. For more info contact AA.

Alliance Rankings
1.Deus Ex Birema
4.Grim Sleepers
5.As Athens Burns
8.Inglorious Basterds
9.Ile Basilike
10.Val Di Compare
11.Legion of Chaos
12.Minoan Knights

1.Deus Ex Birema
2.As Athens Burns
3.Ile Basilike
6.Inglorious Basterds
8.Val Di Compare
10.Grim Sleepers

Interview with Jawoooopck of Ile Basilike
How has your alliance grown so quickly?
Honestly,Just through players farming....don't really see any other way.
What alliances do you view as threats?
in O44...quite bluntly none. Nike have a few good members, but not enough to have a working alliance, they will fall very soon. Deux and Superium Legacy are stronger than us. They will be the alliance that threatens us.
What is your alliances strategy?
Where do you see your alliance in 1 month?
Top 4 hopefully

Interview with Persilog of Inglorious Basterds
How have you grown so fast?
Getting resources from farming villages is the key for me
Who founded Inglorious Basterds? (This parts optional, Why can't the spell?
What is Inglorious Basterds main priority at the moment?
Growth, Expansion
Where do you see Inglorious Basterds in 3 months?
More or less where we are now, hopefully more consolidated.

Kangas Alliance Rant
This weeks we've had some major changes on the alliance front, evident on both the rankings, and on Grepostats. Republica became a full blown MRA, boosting themselves to the top of the rankings with a pretty low average, and almost hitting the 150 cap. With that said, they'll surely fall once the other alliances continue to slowly gain their points. Duex has been pushed down to second, but with only a third of the number of players in Republica, it's looking promising that they'll be back on top soon enough. As Athens Burns has jumped ranks too this week, and in a matter of days have gone from lower teens to third. Their average is decent compared to the rest of the top 12, but they're far from being the best in this world. Fourth this week is Anonymous. They've pretty much held ground this week... Good for them.

Fifth is another MRA, The Immortal Slayers. With an average even worse than Republica, these guys really need to step up their game, kick the inactives and have a proper think about how they're going to play things out. They don't seem to have any major enemies at this point in time, but when they do they'll be slipping down the rankings faster than a fat person going down a water slide. Just below them are the Grim Sleepers. Living up to their name, they're not looking very active as an alliance. Their average is low, their player-count is quite high, and they generally haven't been going anywhere. Not expecting them to budge for a while, but certainly not a WW contender if they keep going the same way. Ahh, IMMORTALS. The joke alliance of this world. I'm a part of IMMORTALS, and I can honestly say that they try really hard. Unfortunately, this isn't enough, and they lose every city that an enemy finds attractive. Sliding down the rankings, and will probably keep going until all of the leaders and top players are rimmed.

In 8th are the Inglorious Basterds. They seem to in a similar situation as Grim Sleepers, exept these guys seem a little more aggressive. You know what happens when you poke a wasps nest with a stick, and run away? That's these guys. They won't catch you, but they'll get really angry and you can have a really good laugh about it with your mother afterwards. In all seriousness though, these guys will outlive some of the other top 12's.

Who the hell are Riot? Whoever they are, they're on fire!! Someone has organised for some ace players to get together and form a super-alliance, Riot. These guys are looking like serious contenders for the top of the rankings, and I'm pretty sure they'll get #2 within the next week.

Tenth this week is the Minoan Knights. They're definitely holding their ground, but they don't seem like the kind of alliance to ever reach the top. You know that short guys who can never reach the pickle jar, but will try every possible means to get to it? That's these guys. I don't think they'll ever reach the top, but they'll probably fluctuate between 8th and 14th a lot.

This has been Kanga on the alliance rant! <3

Ile Basilike

Ithaca Stories
This will be replacing the creative writing column.

This weeks story is of Grim Sleepers and Nike.

Ile Basilike seemed to be underestimated by Grim Sleepers and Nike and because of it have had their asses kicked, sort of.
Ile Basilike has taken 9 Nike cities and has lost 0.
Ile Basilike has taken 2 Grim Sleepers city and has lost 1.

Grim Sleepers have shown that they can take a Ile Basilike city but it took a lot of players to take it.

This weeks game will be a Who Am I???

Who am I?
I am in the new alliance Riot
I am currently in the Top 12 players
All my cities have the same words
My profile says I like to drink alchohol
Who am I?

There is a new lottery each week. The game is simple.
Choose any number 1-9 and post it in this thread.
The winner will receive +Rep and anything they want to happen for the next issue.

And thats all for the 3rd issue of the Mighty Ithaca Informer. If you want more details on the Top 12 alliances please subscribe to Baudin Toolans thread. Goodbye

Any persons offended by this paper or answers by people who were interviewed can raise the issue with me because they have no responsibility what was posted and/or used as I edit it if its innapropriate for audience.


Yay! So many things happen in the alliances, that when I send you the rant it's already out of date. >_>


Ile Basilike seemed to be underestimated by Grim Sleepers and Nike and because of it have had their asses kicked, sort of.
Ile Basilike has taken 9 Nike cities and has lost 0.
Ile Basilike has taken 2 Grim Sleepers city and has lost 1.

We never lost a city to them... the player joined once in the last 3hours of his revolt/ col ship landing and did not tell us.

No support could get there in the time the player told us.

check grepo stats.

grim cannot take any of our city's


BT is absolutely correct.

My lottery number is 3


Really well done and nicely put together guys, rep for all.


one thing i forgot to mention, the lottery is ending tomorrow 4pm AEST


i know this is old but i feel a need to correct the part about the immortal slayers we (As Athens Burns) were fighting them since about week 1 of ithica :)


dont correct me I didnt write that bit-it stays the same anyway