Missing: Goddess of Love, God of War

Miror B

Hello everyone,

Naucratis is a good place to learn the game, but does not allow the use of the two newest gods Ares and Aphrodite. Both have advanced mythical units and spells that are important to learn and practice with, so is there any chance they will be activated on the Naucratis server?

The achievements for building/killing the mythical units are already in the server and it continues to be updated along with the current worlds. There is no end game and stats can always be tweaked if any of the powers or units are overpowered for the slow world. Maybe I am missing how this world is categorized, but the forum says it is
'6th gen warrior world' like the majority of the other open worlds, so I am not sure how difficult the additions would be.

Large sections of the forum seem to be dead/neglected so I apologize if I didn't get this posted in the correct place. My suggestion would be for an in-game poll (definitely not forum poll) to gage the interest of those playing the casual world.

Thanks for the consideration,
Miror B

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Typically adding new features to the older worlds doesn't work out as well as they can't be activated on live servers without the risk of breaking things. So it is unlikely that Aphrodite and Ares would be added to Naucratis.