Pnp MoRC STILL merging their way thru Athens , lol!


Hi Leonidas Agiad,
That was the plan. Gumbles backed down from leadership saying that he was leaving the game.. Myself and other leaders took control and decided that it was time to make a move for the 7 WW award. We negotiated (i forget who did the actual negotiations) with scorp for a merge with the understanding that we would form a new council with equal #'s of Scorp and ST leaders. Once the merge was complete, that council, decided that it was the most logical thing to go to war with Triad. At the Time, Triad had the most WW's and ST had a much larger boarder with Triad than with MoRC. Plus we finally had the numbers to take them on. Once that decision was finalized Gumbles first said he was quitting then took away everyone's rights and began kicking out everyone who opposed him. He took away my rights and kicked me after I posted a subject telling everyone what was happening and invited several people back in. SO i promptly created my own alliance with its info page telling everyone what happened and then contacted Triad for an invite. I play to win, in ST attacking Triad was the best way to win, without any ties to ST, joining Triad was the most logical thing to do.

Anyway, i've heard that Gumbles had a deal with Triad from the beginning of the WW stage, but even i, who had founder rights in ST, and lead the Alliance for a while at the beginning of the WW's, had no idea, and it was never mentioned during the Scorp/ST merge.

It just annoys me that i put a year and a half into that alliance and finally, when it had a chance, however small, to get that award, gumby swoops in out of nowhere, throws a hissy fit, and destroys any chance we had. Wish i had been a part of Triad from the beginning, then i could say that i truly contributed to the effort.
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