Not a Bug New farming UI - very laggy


The following gif shows it:

The loading circle loads for around 1 second sometimes for each new city selection and sometimes doesn't even switch properly. This didn't happen with the past UI. I've also suggested a few reasons why the old one was better in the Ideas section.

Perhaps the devs can switch back to the old one temporarily until the new one can be improved?
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why have a banner in the first place.. I know when 10 minutes is up and I can farm again... I dont need a banner to tell me when the next farming can be done... this gets worse everytime you guys decide to do a stupid update... why cant you just leave things alone... it might look pretty for you lot ...but it is totally useless for the players who use the game....get your act together and change it back again..


In addition, you can't trade villages if they are on demand & the new banner is up.
Totally agree. Grepo is slower all around but this village change is horrible.
Unless you make inter-village trades BEFORE you make your four or eight hour demand you are frozen out for the entire time. Very much needed should you need to use the villages for units killed in an attack.
Further the banner obstructs two of your villages so you have difficulty discerning what they have.
Get rid of this "improvement!"


I would like to add my complaint to this stupid banner - hate it so much I've actually gone through the registration process to make this complaint and I've only been playing the game 4 years.
It's [expletive] pointless, annoying, obscures the villages, slows things down and thoroughly stupid
This is even more ridiculous than those anime characters a while back.