New Kappa Milestones


In fairness he has taken 2 9k+ (both were 9k) cities off enemies,
I dont know how to compete against a man off that class


in actuality - to set the record straight - i have colonized almost sixty five cities in addition to those conquest - to date - I might have taken two "ghost cities"

I pray on the weakest members of another alliance - take them - build up the city to about eight / ten k and then give it up

It does not make me the strongest or best player on here but for the alliance - it serves its purpose

I believe the my ABP and DBP speak for themselves - I am almost never in the top two hundred in points but I am in the top on these two two stats


TUA may have the milestone for most players on vacation mode (did you guys take a group field trip?) and/or most players going to other alliances or gone inactive.


i rarely take another player's city..they take mine - almost all of the cities are took are enemies - not internal - why would i have so many battle points then

as far as i know - not many of my players are on vacation - I could be wrong on that but for the most part - i have told those that are not in our main oceans - we are not able to support and had them join other alliances

most of the TAU players left the game - which was a huge disappointment but the TUA or original Border Marauder group have stayed with it


i dont know if there is any way of proving who got it first, but sekeriadis has killed 18261 militia, well over the 10k milestone