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well I'm not sure what style i'd have the name on it but if you think it would look good go for it :)


ok Psycho try this one on for size.Hope it's what your looking for.


Hey man :)

I'd like to request a Signature, and a Profile pic.

Theme: Space (Terran Marine(Starcraft)(Brutal)

How I'd Like it done.

I'd like to use this image in it somehow
I've always been into space, and starcraft was the very first Strategy game I had played back in 98`. My favorite race has always been the Terran and I'd love to have a Sig/Profile pic involving it somehow.

I've got all the time in the world, so please take your time. I'm sure your work will be great :)

-Spyder- Made this for me back in the day, I believe.

Hope that helps.

Thanks so much!


Hello nio. can you do me a coat of arms and forum sig maybe an angry looking soldier on a battlefield with Rage Rimmer along the bottom with a gothic background.

Thank you.


Do you mind putting it as a spoiler or would you rather showing it as a reg sig on here?
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Hellooo looking for new sig, something new and cool if possible :)
Type: Signature
Size: 700x120
Theme: you get something cool
Text: Venomous D


Hey I am looking for a new sig and CoA. I am from the us server and I saw a guys sig that I really liked. He said he got it from someone on this server so I decided to come over and see if I could get one... I am pretty active on the us servers so I hope yu will make one.

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That is the sig I really liked!

I want something very similar! I want someone laying down shooting with my name (Pvt. Part) written on the barrel. I want it max size possible.

As for the CoA I want something very similar to the siggy that kind of matches. I want some kind of shooter (possibly futuristic soldier or just a cool pic of a soldier). I also want my name written somewhere on this too. But obviously I want it to match the 240x180 format if possible.
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I was thinking something like this.

Please make them for me :)

Ps:it would be really awesome if you could get flames coming out of the barrel with my name written in the flames!!!
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Hey looking for a cool sig

theme: something like a warrior with a helm like my avatar
color: anything matching said warrior maybe a red
text: supermario95 in the bottom right area


Hey man, here from the U.S. server. If you're still open. I would love a CoA
Type: CoA
Theme: Fire related
Color: Fire Colors
Size: Max CoA size
Text: Jacksegs1