Pnp Nod's Post Holiday Power Rankings! New Power Houses, Huge Collapses, ALL EXCITING!

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Well it's been a LONG time and almost none of you have let me be to some extent about making another one. I had actually intended on making one after Thanksgiving but finals and semester finishes got in the way as well as family. I got a 3.114 GPA and am ahead for the college I want to go to by the way and my family is all well and healthy! Hope your families are well and your grades or jobs are paying off. So without further ado and I am going all out folks with a mini PnP included! HERE WE GO!


1. Lacking Diplomacy- Okay not everything has changed LD still keeps it's first seed due to its achievements, gain to loss ratio, and sense of team work. LD has sacked/rimmed someone on just about every alliance's leadership staff near by it by now. With numbers, talent, and coordination like that it's tough to not be given #1.

2. Empire of Death- I've watched this team progress its organized, talented, and aggressive. They can bring the pain when they want to on just about anyone and keep themselves at a compact size. They are good enough for the second seed in the world.

3. Exiled Renegade- The commitment and effort of them makes up for the lack in organization and skill in certain areas. Never will you face a team that keeps improving and just doesn't give up. Because of their commitment and determination to be the better alliance they pulverized a major alliance's leader. Which resulted in something I have only very rarely seen. The whole team of that alliance in that ocean changing sides. These kind of plays scream world power to not just the audience but their enemies.

4. Alpha Wolf- Some people might be concerned about how 11th in points and 10th in ABP converts to 4th in the power rankings. So i'll let you know that I know some of these players and what they are capable of and trust me when I say most alliances don't want to get lined up against them. They are worth the 4th seed.

5. Slightly Mean- A pretty decent MRAish alliance, they have a good set of conquests for gain and seem to not be being pushed around by anyone right now. While their wars aren't nearly as rigorous as the top 4 they have continued to progress in my eyes and are worth being 5th in the world.

6. Delos Imperium- A rather start up MRAish alliance but have a long list of conquests behind them already and have steadily been rising through the rankings. Again they have yet to face anyone note worthy but seem to be crushing a decent alliance "Wordbearers" and that is a huge part of the reason why they end up in the top half of the rankings.

7. Imperial STORM- Okay so they aren't flashy, aren't public, and aren't the best team on the block. They still however can place in the top 12 of the power rankings in a not progressing world. With a decent set of conquests under their belt they may have a say in this world yet.

8. Centauri League- Not the most conquests but no losses is also a good thing. With nobody expanding north they could dig in and do some serious damage.

9. MANOWAR- Most people are probably saying "who the hell is that?" Well they are a tough 20 man team in O-45 making it work out there in that toss up ocean. They may just win it over the MRA's too. Good enough to be 9th in the world right now.

10. HORDE- Some of my EoD friends/critics might be thinking "Aw hell nah" but lets be honest they have out preformed most other people in the core and survived for awhile. Though they are slowed and at a bit of an impasse it doesn't mean it's over for them yet.

11. The Forgotten Ones- Right so the quality is clearly declining from here much like this alliance but they have a decent list of achievements and are worth mentioning they won't be in the running for the title probably but they may stick around to try if they're lucky.

12. Myrmidons- Like my past reasons for this alliance being here in the rankings its because out of the bulk some players are good, honest, hard working, team players....And then there's Jason who just screams at how terrible they are. However when you command some of the worlds best you belong on the list. Even if your own players hate you.

Top or Flop:

Phalanx- currently 15th in the world and unranked in ABP but they hold steady in their humble corner of the world and are unchallenged: TOP

GREAT WARRIORS- A top 12 alliance that just formed but was born of Forgotten Ones and seems to be a rebel alliance: UNDECIDED

Aurora- An alliance struggling to hold its own after a war broke out with it. This alliance looks kind of beaten up and seems to have just gone prone for most players despite having valuable breathing room looks like the life is just sucked out of this one: FLOP

9th L3GiON- Doesn't even know how spell or capitalize properly and isn't looking so hot stat wise guess they aren't all that: FLOP

U.N.S.C- Well dropped out of the top 12 very quickly for almost no reason: FLOP


Mathchew90: Doing more damage on the externals for an alliance that already desperately needs damage control to its public image. Exploro might not have done much damage control himself but damn what little he did went practically unnoticed with the loud mouth, illogical, false things you say so STOP IT!

Jason and the Arganauts: Screaming at everyone to merge into you, defend you, and then proceeding to tell them they suck because they can't stop LD is NOT going to win you any wars....Or personality contests for that matter, STOP IT!...And might I say quit eating a D and defend your own damn self!

Exploro: Actually pacting with an MRA that would probably try to force a merger if it got the upper hand on you. And will surely redefine your definition of bad diplomacy (check references from its allies). So for being so short sighted, STOP IT...And might I say if you don't bring ear plugs and a box of tissues for Jason.


Well it seems Myrmidons is unhinging little by little as I write this report. With LD systematically taking over key targets around their home island...Oh yeah and taking over their home island. It seems Jason has resorted to tearing his team a new one and to greatly annoying his allies by demanding constant support and resources. And for what? A failed CS attempt on an inactive and a failed snipe when LD took it over.

Today a world winning player released this message

But before I do so, I must tell each of you how awful the experience has been to be a "member" of Myrmidons. This is bar none the worst run alliance I have ever belonged to, and Jim ("Jason") and his posse not only incompetent as leaders, but just failures in dealing with people -- they are rude, crude and mean-spirited. When things are going as wrong as they are in this alliance, you would expect the leaders to step up and to listen to the complaints of their membership -- but not here. In Myrmidons if anyone says anything, whether helpful or critical, our "leaders" see it as a challenge to their authority. Were they competent, I might be okay with it, but they aren't.

I have seem too many players being insulted and abused by these losers to stay here any longer. To you, the general membership, I would just say, leave. Join another alliance or found your own. The Myrmidons is all about Jim and his posse. They demand help and criticize everyone else for not stepping up, but they NEVER support anyone outside their circle. If you don't believe me, look at the access folks have; most of us have access to the general forums, which are poorly organized and almost useless. The only posts which are highlighted are Jim's screaming for help. But about 50 members have access to internal forums -- so why don't you? Because you belong to the alliance only to serve Jim.

Folks, Myrmidons is a failure not only because of incompetent leadership but also because it is simply too big and widespread to function effectively. And Jim wants to make it bigger by merging with another alliance -- but when and if the merge takes place, the combined aalliance will be 100 members over the 500-member limit for alliances. So who will Jim kick? Everyone who doesn't serve him.

So again, if you want to enjoy this game, quit Myrmidons and join another alliance or found your own, or go to another world. For myself, I'm leaving this world as I just don't even want to play in the same world with these cretins.

Best regards,

We got a great kick out of it and word has spread far and wide! This is the typical thought of the Myrmidons as the great Myrmidon rebellion brews. It now catches the eyes of Jason and his leadership staff as today we recieved this offer from the fearless Myrmidons themselves

Here is the report our diplomat, Hassan Al- Sabbah, was kind enough to present to our council.

Yup so there you have it the once proud and fearless Myrmidons are secretly trying to cut deals behind everyone's backs. If I was Aurora i'd be pretty off right about now considering the whole purpose of the alliance was to destroy LD...Now Myrmidons wants to join us apparently. Well hey beggars can't be choosers right?

So how about it folks? Friends, enemies, random spectators did I do anything less than entertain and impress you? :)
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entertained and impressed!

Whilst its obvious LD are winning the war with Aurura, I still think Aurura are a power and deserve a spot in the top 5 for now.


entertained and impressed!

Whilst its obvious LD are winning the war with Aurura, I still think Aurura are a power and deserve a spot in the top 5 for now.

i wouldnt say it was obvious, it only looks obvious because LD conquered all of our innactives :/ we have conquered more actives than them.theyve only conquered 1 or 2 idiots that should of never been allowed to join and should of been kicked

AURORA have conquered the gryphon twice now, conquered an LD 10k after sinking an LD CS in there and the players 2 other cities LOL(that pplayer was kicked) mathchew90 has beaten dont touchmytraalal into submission and that player seems to of rage quit. very brave of him, i guess he was just another LD who likes to find that easy ABP against smaller players, when someone nearly his ownsize but still smaller picks on him, he turns tail and rage quits. goodbye DTMT

@ nod. where do you make your assumtion of ER pulverisisng an AURORA leader???? if by pulverisisng do you mean clearing someone when they are still green. or conquering someones outpost thats hours away from there core. or do you mean conquering the new rhaurc whomi think just wanted to leave the cities empty for ER to walk in and put there feet up

biggest load of tall tales ive ever seen

and agian nod if AURORA are beaten up then why are LD to cowardly to attack our actives, dont any of your guys want some revenge for me raping DTMT :D why dont you try to CSme or nandil or zzarb gdiom cameroaca or exploro. oh i know because we always win. nobody beleive what he says about AURORA we are wining the war, the last big city to change hands is there players 10K and we still have it

they have cities right next to jason and the argonauts and have been unable to conquer him. even with all there gold users
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AURORAs acrive conquests= thomas1025(kicked while AU CSin harbor) stevapolisthegreat(same reason) the gryphon conquered twice now. im probably missing more aswell

LDS active conquests= nandil, exploros BP farm city. and im not including petey or sarahell because they still think slingers can defend and they dont listen and can hardly communicate

it looks like AU is winning

how many LD CS have aurora killed. i dont think anyone could keep count but it is definately 20+, i have 15+ 8 in offence

CSs killed by LD. under 10. and thats including LD using a shared claims tab while they were still pact and then attacking CSs. very cowardly they could of at least dissolved the pact before attacking. no honor in LD
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So with that logic Rod Marinelli never actually took the Lions to 0-16 it was just idiotic players....Despite many of these players being 10-6 under a different leadership. I think you're arguement is invalid. PS Gryph actually was away on the last conquest with legal issues and never informed us either time. Thomas was inactive as we kicked him.

If petey or Sh are so awful maybe you should shut the hell up and kick them. Poor Mathchew in order for AU to be winning they actually have to win something. We both know you lost two toss up regions to LD in less than a week. Or maybe your in denial. You know why those players got inactive? We hammered the mess out of them. Fact of the matter is this isn't even really a war.

The most that happened so far this week. Nandil failed at spying YAY kudos to that i'm proud of you guys taking 2 weeks to come out of your shell. Also lets not forget the brilliant GDIOM who just failed to move his troops all together when we hammer his cities. In case you haven't noticed the distinct lack of effort on our part that is. As for inactives you pull this card every time so i'll put it up there for you.

Soofa twice, Petey twice, Sarahell countless times, Nandil once, Exploro once, Snowman once, there's some more who's names I have forgotten in the area. Most of AU is just sitting there not doing anything literally. Like really we spied some of the better players cities and found very few troops. The past week for AU has been conquering random players and staying the heck away from us. I don't think you saying LD sucks when you recruited all these "inactives" and failed to train them is very smart.

@Richie, Exploro and I actually had the same convo when I asked him to look at the screen cap regarding Myrmidons seeming ready to throw its allies to the wind for a merge with us. I explained AU is still top 15 but they haven't gotten it done on offense which is worse than the San Diego Chargers and holds them down. AU has some defensive talent but as we all know if you give up big plays, lose troops constantly, and let leaders get conquered. Then it will break the will of the defense and that seems to be just whats happening when we see AU just a huge lack of hustle. I know Mathchew will try to rationalize it different but honestly if you look at out conquest list its actually not true a lot of those players were actively growing AU just can't be bothered to protect them. It's actually the other way around where AU seems to be fighting for LD inactives like Capricorn, Jynxborn, etc. Good going AU classy.

Oh PS Matt as for the score board....Yeah maybe....maybe send a few more CSes to our actives and we'll stop them no problem. Also make it 11 and thank Mukami for the support....though it was unneeded Von would have sniped that attack himself.
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Love it. Thanks for the Nod's Post Holiday Power Rankings Great stuff and something new to talk about. Kinda wish penguin was still around i kinda miss his stupid remarks.


In response to the spoiler, for all members of Myrmidons who are reading this, either shut up or leave the alliance. Because if you want to speak up, question leadership, or even suspect them of selling out the alliance, which it appears Simon and Jim have, this is what will happen:

[03:35:49 p.m.] T.Rex1977: hey you
[03:35:54 p.m.] T.Rex1977: are you a spy
[03:36:04 p.m.] T.Rex1977: tell me now
[03:36:24 p.m.] T.Rex1977: [02:20 p.m.] C Conrad:

<<< If anyone is here there's a big thing going down in the aurora shared forum. If Jim or Simon are here, things are going down
[03:37:19 p.m.] C Conrad: Am I a spy? Why don't you address the big discussion that is going on about you guys selling out half the alliance and Aurora as well to form a two tier alliance with LD?
[03:37:57 p.m.] C Conrad: or have you not read this!
[03:38:53 p.m.] C Conrad: If it's not true, then I'm cool with it, but we need to see the messages, but if it is, I really don't like how our two founders are selling out the alliance and our friends
[03:40:39 p.m.] C Conrad: Jim? I'm a spy for reading what our friends at AU and Horde are talking about and worrying you are selling out Myr? I doubt that makes me a spy, if anything that makes me more loyal to this alliance, so be very careful throwing around that accusation
[03:42:39 p.m.] T.Rex1977: yes you are a member of this alliance
[03:42:47 p.m.] T.Rex1977: so why not PM me
[03:42:49 p.m.] C Conrad: and are you selling us out?
[03:42:53 p.m.] C Conrad: because its in the public forum
[03:43:09 p.m.] T.Rex1977: why put it on our shared forum tad
[03:43:21 p.m.] C Conrad: and I did, but you didnt respond for hours and meanwhile I'm trying to do damage control
[03:43:26 p.m.] T.Rex1977: i have told players from the start
[03:43:28 p.m.] C Conrad: because I didn't start the forum
[03:43:51 p.m.] C Conrad: it ws started by our allies and you weren't being transparent about it
[03:44:02 p.m.] T.Rex1977: do not put negative things on the forum\]& you put it on our allies form tab
[03:44:16 p.m.] T.Rex1977: you are a troulble maker
[03:44:18 p.m.] C Conrad: Jim, I'm not on trial here with this message. You and Simon are
[03:44:29 p.m.] T.Rex1977: & i do not need you in this allaince
[03:44:33 p.m.] C Conrad: you are avoiding the topic. Are you selling us out?
[03:44:37 p.m.] T.Rex1977: since you have to say
[03:44:44 p.m.] T.Rex1977: just negative
[03:44:46 p.m.] C Conrad: I'm not saying , answer the question
[03:44:50 p.m.] C Conrad: are you dealing with LD behind our back?
[03:44:53 p.m.] T.Rex1977: i want solutions
[03:45:00 p.m.] T.Rex1977: & team work
[03:45:08 p.m.] C Conrad: I want to know the truth jim
[03:45:11 p.m.] C Conrad: it will come out in the end so be honest now
[03:45:17 p.m.] T.Rex1977: all i see from u is negative coments
[03:45:24 p.m.] T.Rex1977: i have read all you wrote
[03:45:28 p.m.] C Conrad: answer the question, and then I wont be negative
[03:45:41 p.m.] T.Rex1977: & you are not a team player
[03:45:45 p.m.] C Conrad: you are being sneaky and there is now evidence you are working with the enemy to get a higher status
[03:45:49 p.m.] T.Rex1977: i was warned about you
[03:45:57 p.m.] C Conrad: Why not answer the question Jim?
[03:46:14 p.m.] T.Rex1977: but i was going to give you the benafit of doult
[03:46:14 p.m.] C Conrad: I'm liked and have been helping you more than you've been hurting us working with the enemy
[03:46:20 p.m.] T.Rex1977: but not any more
[03:46:25 p.m.] C Conrad: Jim. Answer the question
[03:46:33 p.m.] C Conrad: did you correspond with LD
[03:47:10 p.m.] T.Rex1977: i said nothing to LD
[03:47:15 p.m.] C Conrad: did simon?
[03:47:18 p.m.] T.Rex1977: & i am done with you
[03:47:25 p.m.] C Conrad: done with me?
[03:47:32 p.m.] C Conrad: because I question if you are selling us out?
[03:47:45 p.m.] C Conrad:
[03:47:46 p.m.] T.Rex1977: yes you have been a pain eversince you joined us
[03:47:48 p.m.] C Conrad: what is that?
[03:47:56 p.m.] T.Rex1977: & others want your city
[03:47:58 p.m.] C Conrad: really? how so? because I question sending you resources?
[03:48:05 p.m.] T.Rex1977: so now they can have them
[03:48:09 p.m.] T.Rex1977: off
[03:48:10 p.m.] C Conrad: because I question you being a to everyone?
[03:48:18 p.m.] C Conrad: really why not answer the accusations Jim?
[03:48:20 p.m.] C Conrad: are you guilty?
[03:48:21 p.m.] T.Rex1977: you can't read
[03:48:23 p.m.] C Conrad: I have evidence
[03:48:30 p.m.] T.Rex1977: let me say it again
[03:48:35 p.m.] T.Rex1977: right off
[03:48:48 p.m.] C Conrad: then answer the question
[03:48:55 p.m.] C Conrad: did you and simon conspire against us?
[03:50:37 p.m.] *** T.Rex1977 removed C Conrad from this conversation. ***


WELL DAMN! thanks for that! There we go folks a player like Conrad getting SCREWED by Jason and his Myrmidons!
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Actually yeah but hey it's your turn Exploro what are you gonna do with all that's been presented to you? :)


mathchew lets see this 20+ CS sinking wall of your's... And don't say that you can't take a gd damn screenshot


May I mention Aurora being cheapskates? 3 times now i have put offers u on the market, and AU players have asked for my resources no payback... :eek:


umm i dont need to prove myself to anyone, and i dont know how to take screencaps and i dont even have skype. and i would go through the effort of learmign how to post my wall, but even then i have been very gung ho when it comes to farming cities with walls and i have lost alot of horsman and archers through farming so it lets my wall down abit. ive still defeated alot more in attack then lost in attack. ive probably lost 4-500 horse in farming and alot of archers too.

BTW what seems to be your problem with aurora or are you just kissing nods butt like many other people do


personally i stay out of this sort of stuff, you've seen me side you... and side nod :p


I think aurora is a strong alliance that they kept on going


umm i dont need to prove myself to anyone, and i dont know how to take screencaps and i dont even have skype. and i would go through the effort of learmign how to post my wall, but even then i have been very gung ho when it comes to farming cities with walls and i have lost alot of horsman and archers through farming so it lets my wall down abit. ive still defeated alot more in attack then lost in attack. ive probably lost 4-500 horse in farming and alot of archers too.

BTW what seems to be your problem with aurora or are you just kissing nods butt like many other people do

I think 20 LD Cses an exaggeration but Mathchew is an alright sniper. Not Omicron pro style sniper but I can back that given a decent amount of time he knows how to survive and snipe. However 20 LD CSes is probably a bit of an exaggeration. 20 total CSes I can see at his size though.

Rep is that little star badge at the bottom left of your post.


Just one thing to add. GREAT WARRIORS is an alliance of most of TFO's better players I believe. They're still working with TFO, so they're not a 'rebel' alliance.
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