Newspaper Nysa News Issue #2


The topics we will cover today are:

Ocean Breakdowns

War Stats


Ocean Breakdowns


An interesting ocean on the rim full of lots of fighting. The main alliances here are the various monks and The Battle Show. However MG is also beginning to move into the ocean.


Monks - 349 Cities
The Battle Show - 179 Cities
Morning Glory - 114 Cities

Main War: The Battle Show and Monks VS. MG
The war going on in here is basically MG against everyone else. It seems that people out here didn't like MG invading their ocean and are trying to do something about it.


Another highly contested ocean on the rim, there is not any major fighting right now but it looks as though there may be some soon. HARPOON and TLoL are the two main alliances here.


HARPOON - 109 Cities
TLoL - 206 Cities
There is no other significant alliance in the ocean

Main War: There is no real war going on here, but it appears as though there may be some fighting soon.


An ocean towards the edge of Clocks & Knights' territory, with some pressure coming from outside alliances. The main alliances here are Knights, Clocks and Vehemence


Clocks - 250 Cities
Knights - 230 Cities
Vehemence - 114 Cities

Main War: Clocks & Knights VS. Vehemence
A war where 2 big alliances are essentially picking on a smaller one. Vehemence will be in tough to get through this fight.

An ocean mainly controlled by The Delos Elite, however DL (mainly in the HELLENIC DRAGONS branch) and Elite Destiny Warriors have some cities there.


The Delos Elite - 332 Cities
Elite Destiny Warriors - 260 Cities
Dragons Legion - 238 Cities

Main War: The Delos Elite VS. Dragons Legion
A good war that looks to last a long time. Plenty of cities exchanging hands, but neither alliance is making major ground.

War Stats

I will be covering the stats of the same war as the last issue, just with more recent conquer info, and a couple of new alliances added into the mix. So this week it is:

hata, MG, NWO, HARPOON, THE BARBARIANS, & The Delos Elite VS. Knights, DL, Clocks, & TLoL​

hata an fhir

hata 10 - 22 Knights
hata 1 - 0 DL
hata 0 - 0 Clocks
hata 1 - 29 TLoL

hata 12 - 51 enemies​

Morning Glory

MG 0 - 2 Knights
MG 0 - 0 DL
MG 0 - 0 Clocks
MG 0 - 0 TLoL

MG 0 - 2 enemies​

New World Order

NWO 0 - 8 Knights
NWO 15 - 9 DL
NWO 0 - 0 Clocks
NWO 0 - 0 TLoL

NWO 15 - 17 enemies​


HARPOON 0 - 0 Knights
HARPOON 2 - 0 Clocks

HARPOON 4 - 0 Enemies​


Barbarians 0 - 0 Knights
Barbarians 22 - 0 DL
Barbarians 0 - 0 Clocks
Barbarians 0 - 0 TLoL

Barbarians 22 - 0 enemies​

The Delos Elite

Delos 0 - 5 Knights
Delos 27 - 6 DL
Delos 0 - 0 Clocks
Delos 0 - 0 TLoL

Delos 27 - 11 Enemies​

Knights Who Say NI

Knights 22 - 10 hata
Knights 2 - 0 MG
Knights 8 - 0 NWO
Knights 0 - 0 HARPOON
Knights 0 - 0 Barbarians
Knights 5 - 0 Delos

Knights 37 - 10 enemies​

Dragons Legion

DL 0 - 1 hata
DL 0 - 0 MG
DL 9 - 15 NWO
DL 0 - 22 Barbarians
DL 6 - 27 Delos

DL 15 - 67 enemies​


Clocks 0 - 2 HARPOON

No other conquers from alliances within this list​

The League of Legions

TLoL 29 - 1 hata

No other conquers from alliances within this list​


hata, MG, NWO, HARPOON, Barbarians, & Delos 80 - 81 Knights, DL, Clocks & TLoL​


With timothy dewey of THE BARBARIANS

What are your thoughts on how the world has progressed so far?

Having arrived here late our main aim was to be effective.From the outside and with the cap limit multi branches seem very popular here which is not our preferred way of playing but a smaller active alliance.

Why is it that you started out so late into the world?

Mainly due to i was dragged back into playing by old barbarians still playing , i had quit playing after leading us to winning Lamia, and having played since Alpha wanted a break to try other games.

What made you decide to join the fight with NWO against DL?

No Comment, lol

Even though you are a smaller alliance compared to a lot of the ones here, your conquest history shows you are doing quite well for yourselves. Why do you think that is?

Because 80% of the alliance have all played together before and will work as a team. Losing and having to join a new server is not a problem for us, playing as friends and a team under the alliance name we made our own is all that really matters to most here.

Anything else to add?

Not really , just good luck to all Grep. players and keep it clean and respectful,lol

I meant to have more interviews, but those I contacted from other alliances were unavailable :(

Thanks a lot for reading this issue and sorry it was a little late! I hope you enjoyed it. It was very similar to last time, so if anyone has any suggestions for new things to add or anything to change please tell me. I'm still a noob when it comes to writing these :p


looks good...i wouldn't do typing in yellow anymore...hard to read!!! Well done again, keep'em coming


keep up the great work...i missed having a Newspaper so much
give me a "real" reason to come to the externals


i reckon we're more than 22 - 0 but i guess you must be right

.....are you on nysa somewhere now noz? or just checking out random forum sections?


im The Soiled Knight, send me a bell, i cant find noz not you panda :p


I apologize but there will be no newspaper for a few weeks as I am about to leave for vacation. If someone wants to write one while I'm gone please do :)


hata had no successful op so no more newspapers what a surprises

joke alliance full of gobb who if spent half the time playing they did running their mouths there alliances wold stand half a chances
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phil why are you running your mouth, he said he is on vacation, will be back, why are you talking about a successful op, most of your cities are internals, just spend your gold, keep your Rosetta stone on English so you can learn to speak and spell, and not run your mouth in the forums


i know we are up big on them...they have gone after players quitting the game on us..only took 1 city we defended


No successful ops? Maybe you should ask your friends, League of Legions, how they are doing lately.

Same old same old for them. Two big alliances are attacking them and they don't look too good without one or the other to pact with. I think that happens pretty often for them, should be used to it by now.