Pnp Oblivion's IQ Test


Super Best Friends has been crushing Oblivion and all their academies since our little war started. That is a fact. Beating up on an MRA is not really all that exciting though. I think most of us have seen enough Grepo guides on how to play and how a siege works. Well SBF decided to stun Oblivion with a short Pop Quiz. We asked the questions and they gave the answers. I will let you decide what grade they get ;)

Question 1. Should an enemy alliance be able to land here?

Answer 1. "Yes, because sometimes people have to sleep."

Question 2. When your trip is killed in a friendly city what is the first thing you should do? (gotta give credit where it is due.)

Answer 2. "Check to see if it is under siege?"

Question 3. Obivion, once you have let the enemy alliance land in your core city with a lvl 25 wall and tower, and you find out it is under siege what is the best way to try and break it?

Answer 3. "Did you say level 25 wall and tower Green? We know the answer to this 1! Send fliers of course!!!"

Question 4. Let's just say theoretically your Fliers didn't fair well against that wall. What would you do next to break a siege?

Answer 4. "We we would send our LS nukes of course."

Question 5. I know no CS could withstand the great force of your LS nukes, but out of curiosity, if the CS was still floating... What would you do if Your fliers and LS nukes did not work?

Answer 5. "Well, we in Oblivion spoke about this in council because this is a tricky question. We put our heads together and decided the wall may have hurt our fliers so we would send cats. The cats should take down the wall so we would also send fliers. Finally we thought that our fliers morale was down so we would send troops with them to make sure they were happy when they hit."


Please pass your quizzes to the front of the room and I will have the rest of the grepo community grade them for you. :pro:


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bravo, nice PnP, best one I've seen in a while.


We had an IQ Test part II earlier......Let Oblivious explain away this time....It would be refreshing to read the essay version.