Top 12 Of Tegea


Note These are collectives based on point totals not individual alliances.

1) Knights of the Orient- Good players, but have absorbed a lot of dead weight, pacted their surroundings, and have some questionable characters. Personal experience tells me that they don't know all the mechanics of the game. But what they lack in that knowledge they make up in relentlessness. I think this goes on one of two paths. FLOAT.

Path 1: Cut the dead weight and return to a more elite team. In which case swim.

Path 2: Ignore it, in which case they will begin a gradual decline.

2) AllStars- "Will you guys stop changing your F***ing name?" The answer is no just be happy I didn't get around to changing the profile picture to a band picture of Smash mouth.

3) Bedtime Squad- Looks like they're having an issue in fairytale land. But still look to be Swimming.

4) Fairytail-
Second most underrated group in my book. I think they'll continue to find success vs Bedtime. SWIM.

5) Let Us Sleep-
Probably the most interesting group of the world. They started as Brotherhood who got picked off by everyone and reformed into LUS in O45. I believe this group will be top 3 soon. SWIM.

6) Fallen Heroes-
They have some decent players. But otherwise I don't know much about this group. FLOAT?

7) Suicide Shrimp Squad-
Never thought i'd call this group of people "underrated" let alone the most underrated group of the world. But damn everyone I talk to undersells these guys. They're holding their own against Bedtime and other alliances despite starting late. SWIM.

8) Quantum Suicide-
"The Plague" of this world. They appear to have come off a win in Helike and are good players. But ended up wedged between TKO and MU (AllStars). Luckily TKO tossed them a pact. But I think they'll go before TKO does. Or if MU ends up losing, their uses will run out and TKO will eat them. SINK.

9) Darkside-
They have a big player and they have Mike. That's all I know. SINK

10) Beasts -
Has Swag and POJOOM. Otherwise I think they're done for. SINK.

Not really many left worth mentioning IMO.


3) Bedtime Squad- Looks like they're having an issue in fairytale land. But still look to be Swimming.
Anime fans triggered everywhere. Fairytale?



It's been over a month since the last top 12, does anyone fancy doing a new one ? plenty of changes in the world.