Proposal Olympus ideas


Could we have a new section or thread for us to submit Olympus suggestions for improvement as it is a relatively new feature and players likely have small things to recommend?



1. Either alliance leaders or all members receive attack reports when the temple is attacked. Atm there is none - you only get a support attacked report if you have units inside. Alternative - make receiving temple reports an alliance authorization.

2. Allow multiple Temple windows to be open at the same time (and maybe an option to have a smaller window). Or maybe an option to create a live feed on a temple (just like a conquest) so it can be put in Notes.

3. Imo it is better to display the landing time rather than the time left (in Temple Info) just like CQ live feeds.


1. Not much to say really. It feels like it just should be there and it helps players keep up on enemy intel. Atm only way to do it is write down what you see in the attack before it lands or save your wall.

2. Makes it easier to monitor multiple temples at the same time.
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