Announcement Pella - End of this chapter

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Hello Pella people (woo alliteration),

I just wanted to say a couple of words, to thank you all firstly for your time spent on Pella. This forum will be closed in 7 days, but I wanted to let you know, the posts will remain.

To all of you who saw it through to the end, thank you!


The Grepolis Team


I had fantastic time on this server while it lasted. Thank you all who made this wonderful experience possible. Special thnx to Bend, our early MOS team, Mogul, DW, Chris, Volsung, Leggy, Maximus, Lowkey and perhaps to Hurtu for bringing a lot of great players to this server. Whether you still play, read the forum or play against me, I luv u all. And special thnx to Supphy for being the longest living turtle in grepo history.


Had alot of fun early days of server, being in the middle of TSL and the big guns of MOS was exciting. Its just too bad so many of the players that kicked our butts and forced the merger decided to quit, Mogul, Maximus, yourself Tyrone. Either way, was good to play with so many great players.

Thanks to all that made the game exciting.


Sad to see my favorite server I played on ending. I had tons of fun here and doubt I'll ever reach the same level of fun on another server. Big thanks to my teammates in PFK Brackas, UB, Cudon,Salty,JP, and Apheidas, you guys were awesome and I doubt I'll find as fun of group of guys to play with again. Thanks to all the guys from Lords of Pella, especially Bacon and Nipple for making for a really fun war as good enemies and eventually becoming great teammates.

Thanks to all the forum goers such as Tyrone, Jor, chris, DW, sapphy for being the village idiot, and I am sure I am forgetting a few for making this a fun forum for awhile. Finally congrats to MOS on winning the server. Even if I wasn't a fan of your tactics at times MOS was number 1 from pretty much day one to the end of the server which is incredibly tough to do. Whatever obstacle was thrown in front of them they overcame. Sad to see this world closing down as now my two favorite servers I played on, Corinth and Pella will both be done.


Thanks guys for being great players, great teammates and great enemies.

Most of all, thanks to Imin/Yo for being the server's cockiest player.. deserving special mention purely because I enjoyed beating him so much in the end.

Unsung heros goes out to the whole of TSL, joining with MOS, the people who put in so much hardwork alongside me to make it work and to get everyone onboard with the final push to win the server.

Sunny, Bacaraj, Sparky, Lazy and the rest of you old gits who kept a young gun like me in order. ;)

Merry Christmas!