Petition to Remove Instant Buy!

Hasan Naqvi

Please see both rule 2 and 4:

I would categorically disagree that there is ambiguity in these rules. Mass mailing several alliances with the express purpose of bringing them to this page is definitely considered spam. Moreover, the players who reported it as spam certainly deem it to be spam.

As I said, I don't have a problem with this thread existing, but using the mass mail option ingame is not an okay way to advertise it.
There is a lot of ambiguity in these rules. I don't see why it would be deemed as spam if someone receives one message about something not only relating to the GREPOLIS forums, but also which relates to an ingame feature. I recall that when a player sent out a lot of(5-10) stupid messages to my alliance, I was told it was technically not spam as it related to game. What changed?

Also if talking about a feature is what makes it spam, will it be okay if we go around the rule and center the message on gold whores. Since non-insulting messages about alliances have never been considered spam, I feel such messages about gold whores should not be either. We can always add that they should come on forums and voice their opinions here in the end of the message?

an example of ambiguity,
As the game is localized in several versions, players shall always use the language English in this version, this applies, but is not limited to messages, player profiles and such.
On the contrary, rule 7 says that private communication such as alliance forums can be in any language.
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let's not go crazy i knew some people would obviously report it. Ban from the account i sent it is no issue for me. And besides i knew i would get banned,so no worries.
Although,maybe not have a feature where you can MM almost the entire world then? Wouldn't that solve your issue. Besides the forums dead. Needed signs someway whether we get heard or not.

Hasan Naqvi

rule six is about Bots, Scripts, Macros and Proxies
rule seven very clearly example the rules of communication
Thank you for pointing it out. Corrected!

@Druvi: You are not the only one who has sent a server wide MM. I sent it out on en32 (although I excluded one enemy alliance), and I didn't receive any bans. I would have been quite cross if I got one though.

Its okay if people send me messages about how a third alliance's founder is a dictator and why we should never never play with them, but if i send a message on how we should voice opinions to restore balance of the game, its spam?


As i haven't read his MM as it wasnt delivered in the world am playing, so cnt comment on the other points,
Advertising of any kind is not allowed, this includes using any means to mass deliver messages.
But for this Rich,I must say i have seen people MM ing insulting you tube videos as well to whole alliance, and have been reported,still got away with bans.If this gets a ban,then that will realy be unfortunate.


In other words, anything goes except mass mails criticizing INNOs greed, we wouldn't want the new players to know what the vets already know, they don't care if you enjoy your experience as long as a few hundred people go overboard on their plastic!


People that use instant buy frequently are signing this petition, wouldn't protesting against something include not using it? Just a thought


People that use instant buy frequently are signing this petition, wouldn't protesting against something include not using it? Just a thought
And if everyone would stop filling their gas tanks at Texaco, they'd be forced to lower prices - making the other gas companies follow suit.

Novel idea but it's not going to happen. Same analogy here.


Sign me up also.

Completely had it with the gold advantage this game gives you. i'll give you and example. I was attacked yesterday, managed to stop the nuke and killed all the offensive troops, but 2 hours later i had another nuke from the same city hit my city again. The player in question sent 3 nukes from the same city within the space of 8 hours. The player in question doesn't have many cities to move resources around, especially not enough to pay for the number of troops he built. Which totalled 3500 population. With instant buy and the ability to essentially buy resources, players can now build 3/4/5 …. full sized nukes in one city a day. This is completely ridiculous and impossible for non-gold users to defend or play against. There is literally no point in playing against such players.
Just for clarification i'm not complaining cause i have lost a city, we managed to stop the CS. But surprise surprise, i had another full sized nuke back again from the same city revolting another one of my cities 8 hours later.
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To Whom It May Concern:

I represent a group of more than 400 Grepolis players (No exaggeration). Most are middling to non-gold users. Many are long-time players of Grepolis (3+ years). First, I want to state that we are not whining nor, are we threatening ANYONE. But, we are extremely angry and disappointed with Grepolis, atm.

The recent changes made to this game have taken all point and purpose out of even bothering to try to play this game. It is now only a game for those with access to large sums of real money and their friends. Defense has been made altogether irrelevant. Grepolis has lost any sense of being a strategy-game and is simply now a slaughter house playground for those who pay-to-win. All in just isnt fun anymore. Players of all stripes are quitting Grepolis in DROVES in case you have not noticed. And that is now accelerating across all newer worlds.

As of yesterday, me and the 400 I represent have begun searching for a new game with a new company. I truly hope that you are listening, Inno-Games. We'd like to stay. Otherwise, this posting wouldnt be here. So, I hope this message reaches those at Inno who can set it right and in time. In one month......we depart for new lands. We love this game but, it has become pointless to spend so much time and effort to have it wiped away on a whim. Hope you are hearing us.

Take care,



They need to make gold where it makes it easier on the player (Overviews) and not make it where the game is easier. Im fine with advisors, the other stuff not so much.