Petition to Remove Instant Buy!

At least bring back cut times.

Also holy , how do you ignore this much of the community? Especially with all the major names I see here. Its a safe bet that if they feel this way, many others do as well.


Signed. But ultimately people still play the game and spend money therefor why would they stop it?... the only way is to stop buying and/or playing... if most stopped playing it, the golden ones would maybe spend gold but why would they? they would have no reason to... stop playing until event units are stopped and instant buy is stopped if not there is no point in this petition.

I love.. or "loved" grepolis... i played before gold was a problem and events, skill and team work is what it was about, now its just gold.

i won't return until innogames sorts itself out, money whores for gold whores, F that SHHH