Player's Council Term 2 Candidacy Thread

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Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Dear potential candidate,

We are happy to see that you are considering to introduce yourself as a candidate for the second term of the Grepolis Player Council.

Please take a moment to write an introduction about yourself and outline why you would be a fitting candidate to represent your language version.

This thread will be kept open until April 19, 2018, 23:59 CEST. Please make sure to have posted your introduction until this date to become a valid candidate for our in-game voting.

The in-game voting is currently scheduled to take place starting April 27, 2018.

Disclaimer: This thread will be moderated heavily. Every post that does not comprise a serious application to the Grepolis player council will be removed accordingly.


I would like to become member of the Grepolis Player Council. I have some good ideas about the game roadmap. I would like to recieve support from our forum members, and my idea is to use that supporting to try imroving the grepolis gameplay experience.

I was playing the game for several years, mostly into the greek (gr) servers, now i have moved into the english (en) server. I am very targeted to support the small alliances and the independet players too, because from my view the game varons are reducing the fun of the gameplay.

Some strong points i would like to work for instance, is the ability for the players without gold coins to use the massive culture field, so they can quicly apply culture procces for all of their cities with just one click. The small alliances should recieve a predifined period of peace, before become victims of the very big alliances of the world. With some limitations of course, as the number of the alliance members.

Another strong point is to discuss with the Grepolis developers about the army movements. I think that is kinda pure experience, take an army from one city to another. If i want to move my army to the next city, i should be able to do that. The movement of the army back to the mother city and then send again is something we, all of us, should work to change.

Best Regards
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I would like to be a candidate.
Everyone knows that I know the game through and through, especially WW.
Rotation system, vacation mode on WW islands ... the game has already been modified several times by my initiatives as a founder.
Sure lots game developers did not love this.
However, I am convinced that this game once again deserves the dynamism as in the early days, am also convinced that old players from the first hour will return to the game if I can think/brainstorm with the developers about how we can perfect the endgame.


Good Morning

I would like to become a member of the Grepolis Council, I am a new but keen member, Having many Worlds I have grown quickly in my alliance.

I am based on English Servers (EN) and currently have 3 worlds and play different parts in each. I like to give support where ever possible to those that need it and always full of new ideas.

I have grasped the concept very quickly and believe I can help many others grow just as quickly as I have. If new players can grasp how the world works they are more likely to stay therefore less slow starts for new worlds as some tend to have a slow start because people do not understand how things work or what they generally have to do. I found the Guidelines helpful but confusing and still asking for help from a lot of people when I joined an alliance.

I find my strongest asset is advice and support.

For this reason I would Like to be considered




I would like to be considered as a candidate for the council, I'm a very active player and have played in many worlds even 1st gen world's so I've been a player long enough to have seen the on going development and have always supported other players with advice and communicated with many other players of varying experience assisting in the growth of many players both new and experienced, I'm also experienced in communication and the representation of ideas and feedback (I'm a customer service manager) and believe I could represent the EN servers well.
Thank you for reading


Disclosures: inGame Moderator (Level 1), circa 2013, approximately 6 months in that role. No current affiliation with innoGames or Grepolis.

Your registration date: 2010-04-01

I have played on/off for several years and have seen 4 worlds through to the end of their respective wonder eras, as well as 1 special event speed world (Summer Speed 2012).

Active IGN: Kakaos


Dear player, my in-game record speaks for itself. I've conquered and been conquered. Won and lost, etc. Moreover, this game is personally important for me, as it is a pastime of mine and several real-life friends. Some of the grepo-friends I've made here since joining I hope to maintain for a lifetime if fate will allow it. With that in mind, know I'm deeply invested in seeing the game and community prosper.

The first council term helped lead to some meaningful changes, and I'm sure there are more that are still a work-in-progress as noted in the Developer blog. With my candidacy I hope to be your voice in helping to improve on the work of the first council term.

Vote Yes! For TaskCo1


Hello comrades,

I have been playing this game for close 4 years now, lead many successful alliances and got a load of experience under my belt. What this council needs is someone who knows what the players want, need and wish for. Someone down to earth and is in the thick of it, knows many people and just wants to work together with Inno to make this game even better for all of us. I am this kind of person so I will not bother with a long introduction and an overly ego.

I get things done and I will tell Inno what we all want.


Hello people,
My name's Fluvisol and I would like to throw my hat in the ring for this term.
I've been playing since 2015 under Fluvisol, Bloomer and caco mano.
The reason I'm applying is that I like to try and find ways to improve the game or suggestions to it as I've been doing in the Ideas forums. I enjoy helping people improve which is why recently I wrote a sniping guide.
For the same reason I was a mod in training back in 2017, but I had to quit that to focus on university.
Kind regards

And now for a bit more text that couldn't fit in the 500 words :)
I could list some game achievements here but I honestly don't think those matter and come off as this whole thing being an ego trip, which is not what it should be about

I've always been drawn to balancing and stats in games, such as 'Why is something underused and how can we make it better?'
Personally I'm not the best at finding completely new ideas such as the ones in the Ideas section, but I enjoy trying to find ways to fit said ideas in or finding ways they could be abused and can usually find them fairly quickly.
This is one of the reasons I think I would be useful in the player council.

Further I don't usually lose my calm (thanks to being an admin for a year on a game server with average age 14) and like to talk to people, which means I won't just quit as soon as something doesn't go my way. I'm always open for input and don't mind being shown I was wrong about something, it's nice to learn something new.

Well that's it for me, may the best people be accepted :)


latha math

Thought I'd put my name forward, been playing this game a wee while and can't seem to put it down so thought I would try and do something useful and helpful as i continue on. I'm Hyper or Charlie. Been playing under Hyper since Feb 2011 and have, through this game, met some amazing people.

Why am I applying for the Grepolis players council? I have a certain level of care and love for this game that I don't really have for any other. If I can help with its future and its accessibility to all types of players so that it can continue to bring us the fun it has before, then I'll do what I can. I feel that I'm a great listener and relayer of information and understand what is realistic and what is not while also recognising the importance of balance, especially in 24/7 games such as this.

For me, there really isn't a game like Grepolis out there so I find it really important it continues, with the player's voices being the main driving force.

Thanks for your time and goodluck to all those putting their name forward.
Hyper/Charlie :)


Hi, my name is Zexceed. allthough everyone just calls me Z.

why i applied?

Out of everyone above i'm probably the least experienced with the game as a player. started on amisos, 27th of july 2017. But i have seen things that made me start asking questions, especially about game mechanics and how to improve/tweak them for the community so everyone gets the best experience from the game as possible. Be it the new rookies or the elite from days of old.

In that i don't only use my opinion but also the ones from the other players and friends. Since getting feedback and constructive criticism from not only the representatives but also the player base as a whole is the only way to improve what's already there.

I like to listen to what people have to say and build upwards from those ideas. I also strongly believe the game should be fair for anyone playing. the main point is to have fun after all. everything should revolve around that in the end.

for this position someone with calm and collective thinking is required who's not afraid to put his/her own ideas to the side, and listen to what others have to say as well. having knowledge of the business side of things is also very helpful to understand the dev's POV and thoughts. i believe i fit those criteria.

Short summary:

i like to be the voice of the many in order to improve the game for everyone to make it more balanced, entertaining and overall more fun to play.


Greetings fellow Grepo-addicts

My (nick)name is Dementivs and for those who don’t know me, I’m playing this game since 2014th mostly on conquest servers.

Why am I applying for Grepolis Player Council?
First of all to help developers better understand players and vice versa of course.

Why me?
In past almost 4 years I gained enough game knowledge (not only as player but also some under-the-hood knowledge) to be able to explain in technical language what’s bothering players and also to explain to players what is technically feasible and what isn’t.
Furthermore, performing as alliance council member and diplo on most servers I played (and still playing), I meet many people and still maintain contact with them no matter whether we play on the same server or not … trying to help them and answer on some tech questions regarding game and game rules.

Hopefully my application will be accepted so I'll be able to help Council become a bridge between players and developers.


Kal Gordon

I've been playing Grepolis since late 2016 across a number of worlds, revolt and conquest, in a variety of roles from footsoldier to founder. This has given me a wider experience of the game, and the ability to look at how suggestions could impact the many different aspects of this game and it's community. I've taken a keen interest in the game mechanics and in discussing the game mechanics and possible improvements, on the forums, devblog, and elsewhere, and am keen to take this further.

Now that the 500 characters section is done, I'll expand on this a little further.

I'm not a big name in the way that some of the others on this thread are. However, those who do know me know that I'm always keen to discuss the way in which the game works, be it answering questions from teammates, discussing and suggesting ideas for new/different gameplay mechanics, or debating the best way of using the existing set of mechanics and elements. I'm not shy about airing concerns and suggestions, and therefore believe I would be good at bringing everyone's comments, concerns and ideas to the attention of those with the power to act on them. I particularly enjoy analysing concepts in order to find possibly-unexpected consequences on the rest of the game, something which I believe is important when taking part in a process that will hopefully be delivering positive changes to the game that we all live and love.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and may the best candidates win!

Kal Gordon
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