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New World

We set sail to distant lands,
To fertile plains with leafy fans,
Farms and food we build and grow,
For a great civilization we plow.

The meadows green and honey sweet,
Several trees, even strong ones like teak,
The forests lush and deep,
Loads of lumber to reap

A quarry lying asleep,
Limestone to crack,
Carry them to slopes steep,
Walls to build to protect our keep

A mine runs in the deep,
Veins of gold, silver heaps,
Coins to mint, money to make,
Prosperity is ours to take,

A senate to make,
Decisions to take,
Taxes to rake,
From trades that awake

A city to build,
With people to fill,
Trades to open,
To be a merchant’s haven

Thus we sail on with dreams aloft,
From rough clay we mould,
Our power impossible to curb and control,
We unleash ourselves to this New World.


Hey guys! I know its been a long time but what can I say? The college air feels so good! *grins*

Anyways, I wrote this poem for my first cousin sister for the festival of Rakshabandhan. So here you go,

Oh btw, Rakshabandhan is a festival where a sister ties a rakhi (a red string) around her brother's wrist renewing their bond.

The Rakhi

The skies are blue, the winds blew
This bond strengthened anew,
A red cord tied around,
And thus does Rakshabandhan sound

A sister, a brother, a bond tethered,
A bond that will endure and not batter,
Hurts and discomforts will lay to rest
A bond that allows us to adjust

Protect you, I shall
Cherish you, I shall
This bond renews,
Something I shall hold true



An excellent, excellent poem to return on my friend! Very nice. One, and only one, critique: you saying 'kaput' is a bit of an informal switch that I found odd. If you can find a better fit, it may prove a better choice.
This poem has been published in a magazine of a university under my name :)


Another one.

The rules bind me, the rules chain me,
The rules change me, the rules pain me,
I want some freedom

I would ask though, what is freedom?
Do the fish swim out of boredom?
Are birds bound to a kingdom?
Do we breathe and attain martyrdom?

Rules have their place and are required,
Freedom is something else and need not be aspired,
The freedom to breathe, the freedom to live,
The freedom to think, the freedom to speak,
The freedom to act, its power is sleek

You cannot be free of responsibilities,
You cannot be free of life’s probabilities,
You cannot be free of suffering’s charities,
You cannot be free of truth’s clarity,

What you can do is enact your responsibilities,
What you can do is accept the probabilities,
What you can do is laugh inspite of the charities,
What you can do is learn from life's similarities,

This is true freedom, this is true life,
Why then the early strife?
Why threaten your life with a knife?
Why be so naive?


Here ya go. :)

Vistas of Life

The flowing medows,
The falling shadows,
The gloomy barrows,
The dangerous narrows,
These are the vistas of life

The roaming wanderers,
The weary travelers,
Time’s ravages,
Inspite of that, the peaceful sages,
These are the vistas of life

The baby’s first laugh,
Sitting on a boat or a raft,
Practicing a craft,
Feeling life’s downdraft,
These are the vistas of life

Your first big success,
Your woman’s soft tresses,
Your mind’s deepest recess,
Your embarrassing secrets,
These are the vistas of life

Your birth and death,
Your love and hate,
Your dreams and goals,
From your body to your shoes’ soles,
These are the vistas of life

Live, cherish and care,
Spend, earn and wear,
Keep away from sorrow’s lair,
Sit on happiness’s chair
To sit back and relax
And enjoy the vista on life’s back.
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Another one.

The War

The horn was sounded, the dust arises,
Blood shall be spilled, no peace roses,
The cry shall sound, there shall be corpses all around,
Mound after mound, mound after mound

The soldiers march, the dead arise,
The King shouts, the Necromancer poised,
The Horde is upon us,
And fight them we must,
Thousands shall perish,
Loved ones whom we cherish,
This War is brutal and boorish,
Mounds shall come and Mounds shall remain

The fight goes on,
Days and nights wear on,
The men are battered and bruised,
Complaining and ill-used

The supplies are ample,
But the armies are crippled,
For how can Men fight the dead,
Men from whom blood sheds

A far cry sounds, heads turn round,
The Warrior of Light, behold
A pillar of light and a stronghold,
Here comes our savior,
Here is the Necromancer’s ravager

Strike thy blow, Men
For now you shall be gods,
Strike these unnatural foes,
And be forever engraved on Time’s rows


Here you go. And thank you for helping this page go to 3.8k views :)

The Medicine

When all things seem down,
When your face creases into a frown,
A feeling that makes everything drown,
Something that cannot be represented by any noun

When the noose seems inviting and loose,
When you make your life a pact of truce,
When you have the helplessness’ shoes,
That little trouble, that unnoticed bruise

Take the Medicine, my friend,
These shadows it will rend,
Friends, family and loved ones,
This darkness they shall shun

Surround yourself with fun,
Take a walk, jog or run,
Listen to nature and its creatures,
Marvel at your own features

Take heart and be strong,
That and nothing shall go wrong,
For giving up to the shadows is a sin,
Bliss thou shall find in the Medicine


The Journey

The bags are packed,
The horses saddled,
Our belongings are in a waddle,
The first step begins

Into the wild, into the unknown,
Our Legacy shall be shown,
The ride is quick yet the going is slow,
Fear into the hearts of enemies we prow

The cause is just and all we have is trust,
And as always we must,
The going is rough
But our hearts are tough
We shall endure

We proceed and never recede,
The Power with us will succeed,
The Journey moves, the journey plagues,
The Journey is ultimately a maze.


Call to Arms

The vision that heartens us all,
The fear the darkens before a fall,
The pounding at battle’s call,
The boom of trumpets at the mighty hall

The ring of fire binds us all,
The truth hidden behind a wall,
The fear within us crawls,
The heart trapped in a squall

Fear not! And arise,
Take your weapons and fight till sunrise,
For words of valour shall last not,
You shall last if freedom begot

Cast away your chains of haplessness,
Drink the nectar of fearlessness,
Strike out your heart’s fierceness
For the child you love and your woman’s tress

Weep not for the ones you lost,
Everyone dies those whoever trod,
Accept and move on with a nod,
Trust in yourself and in your Lord.
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a pebble

I really like that one! I generally hate AAAA, but I think it helped this poem with emphasis. Great job mate!

Btw-did you mean words OF valor? You put OR. Third stanza


I really like that one! I generally hate AAAA, but I think it helped this poem with emphasis. Great job mate!

Btw-did you mean words OF valor? You put OR. Third stanza
Thank you pebs. Ya, I meant 'of' but must have typed 'or' in a hurry lol



That unspoken word,
That uneasy glare,
That unkind gesture,
That unmoving heart

They struck me as a dart,
On my life’s chart,
Nothing else mattered,
Since I was shattered

Confidence lost, never loved
Never loved and my love was lost,
Drifting apart like an unseen ghost,
My entire life was toast

Still I shall persevere,
Still I shall endeavour,
To mend the broken glass,
Which was shattered with thrown darts



The colours, the variety,
The dance and the gaiety,
The people, the chorus,
The majesty of festivals

The song and the food,
The women wooed,
The brash, boisterous youth,
That piping hot soup

The smell of juniper in the trees,
Brings the stone hard to his knees,
When the beauty of nature he sees,
The hardness of his heart leaves

Such are the festivals,
Joyous and happiness givers,
So jump into this river,
For those who do, are livers


A serious modern issue. <(


That biting moment, that near goal,
The height of moment, that actor’s role,
That speed of light, that internet,
Re-buffer everything because you disconnect

That unfinished multiplayer,
Abandons upon abandons layer,
That irritation vat,
When you see your unfinished chat

That long and incessant phone calls,
That ISP’s voice makes my skin crawl,
With his long and baleful drawl,
Makes me feel like he’s a troll

And thereby I cut the call,
Onto my bed I fall,
Into my poetic hole,
Disconnected is what I roll


Enjoy :)

The Note and Tone

That note of pure ecstasy,
That note of pure melody,
The note that enchants me more,
The note that reminds me of a sea-shore

The tone that follows the note,
The tone which my mind has rote,
The tone which binds me always,
The tone that brings me to silence

The note and tone for the mind,
The note and tone which is a tonic,
The note and tone that heals the sick,
That note and tone Is found in music