Population Questions


Apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong place.

I'm trying to put together a standard build for each various function (defensive land units, biremes, LS etc.) and I'm trying to map out the best use of population so every single person is being used and I have the maximum number of units etc.

The population in the wiki seems a bit all over the place, the fact that each building uses a fraction of a person, but then in-game its rounded out, some wiki edits that don't make sense, but then also some that are just flat out wrong (senate 22>23 has +7 population but total jumps from 113 to 131)


First question - does anyone have a list of every level of every building and the number of population it actually takes to build? I remember a ton of spreadsheets floating around years back, but can't find any now.

Second question is regarding the thermal baths. It has a 10% increase in population, but is that on base population, or total population? Plow increases by 200, then there are the land expansions which give you a bump too. So if base was 3000 and I had plow as well, bringing it to 3200.. would it be 10% of 3000 (+300) for a total of 3500 or 10% of 3200 (+320) for a total of 3520?