Pre-World Dion Discussion Thread

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I think its actually called stupidity when a player with 4 cities cant take a city off a player who has been there 24 hours dropped out of bp on purpose and whose city is only 1.7k points
Ah, there's plenty of that about. Heavens, I'm full of it myself. ;)


I wish they would publish world info (accurate) weeks ahead. I hesitate to read too much into a world that on an hour's notice might have settings incompatible with my interests.

Grepo Chuckey

They just released it was a speed 1 trade 2 world no moral. Not sure if I’m going to play this one. Us server is releasing speed 3 no moral conquest, alliance cap 35. Might do that one not sure..


i hope you get very poor setups like x 1 revolt so maybe some of you will be more interesting to try an experience on the next french server outcoming

Gompus Rompus

Well that setting sucks. Speed 1 is falling asleep setting. I can send my cs when I wake up, go out and come back home in the evening and it still has not landed.
of course it would not land if you send a cs with that tt. I don't feel sorry for ya, you have Byblos to play in
this is a good world for the rest of us that have a real life beside grepolis
Not open for further replies.