Psi I want you to know something


You're worse than the people you used to infract.

Seriously Fotns, why not make a thread with a use? Why make one with no use other than letting people spam?

Fist Of The North Star

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lol owen, I have made plenty threads of use in psi and yet little interest is shown and besides this is general discussion. Of course asking me those questions on here and not in a PM is off topic and spam, Irony? cheers


the forum is dead, perhaps a few suggestions (none from owen, he is a serious face) would help?
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Baudin Toolan

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Jack that image is too big for the forum as per the rules, let me remove it for you :p
Maximum size images you are allowed to post are 640 by 640 pixels in dimension.


Oh dear; a bored FOTNS is a dangerous fotns. He's liable to do something stupid... :p


Pyth = Peter Gunn theme!! Perfect :D So cool he's icy.

Now have to think of one for you, too... :p maybe?

saintchill ? (althought strictly speaking, that isn't a song)

For the slacker Baron1027 for going on VM ;) Just kidding ;)

Talking of theme songs... for those couple of TUQ CSs Bullseye sank a few weeks ago.. in memoriam...
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