Question for Inno?

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I have a question for Innogames, and here is the best place to ask it:

If a player queries a payment with Innogames, because the payment was taken from his bank account twice, why is he rewarded with an attackable ban whilst it is being investigated?

Hold on, I have another question:

When the issue is slowly resolved, why is the ban still in place and no reply to the ticket?

Surely not, I hear you say. Unfortunately it is true and there have been countless examples of players treated in this way.

What can you do about it?

Leave the game and spend your money with another gaming company
Ask your friends to raise tickets asking the mods to reply to yours (most friends won't need to be asked)
Raise a petition
Visit the friendly Facebook site and make your views known there.
Protest protest protest


It's Inno at its best all right: We made a mistake you get an attackable ban and we ignore your tickets asking for help and clearity


an attackable ban because someone in accounts made a mistake , this is customer service at it worst , spend money with this company and they treat a player like this UNBELIAVABLE

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
We do not discuss bans on the forum because it leads to pointless flaming. If the player banned wants to appeal they can send in a ticket and contrary to what people think we do review and reply to bans and such. Any players not involved in the ban can't be given information on the ban by the moderators due to privacy concerns.
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