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And how do the bigger alliances look bad? :p

i didnt mean your alliance, i just meant bigger alliances in general.

so far your alliance is doing everything right (as far as i no anyways) and is the best on the server and can clearly be seen,

but theres other alliances with a big number count and hardly any ABP



BP: 6/10 - seeing as how you started later than most of us, it's not bad =]
Alliance: 8/10 - pretty good points, small, good average. Looking good so far.
Rep: 7/10 - you're well known here, but you haven't made an impact in-game yet. This will go up over time
Points: 7/10 - Looking like a solid start even despite the holidays =]

Total: 28/40
Average: 7/10


Rising Legacy:


He co-founded my alliance!
He lets me torture Hope ALMOST as much as I want!


Bit of a megalomaniac...and if the rumors are true (which I hope they're not)...a touch of necro as well

BP 5/10...not impressed
Alliance 10/10 ...impressed
Rep ?/10...new here and no real idea what it means
Points 15+or-?/30...bleh
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Lance Keith:

BP: not even in the top 15 anymore. 7/10
Alliance: such a MRA noob alliance. 0/10
Rep: who are you again? 0/10
Points: drops in the ranking continuously. 5/10

:p and you don't torture me, I torture you ;)



BP: 10/10...but you should see what she does for it(hell, you should just see what she does...period)
Alliance: 5/10....bunch of newbies!
Rep: 10/10....and my, what a rep it is!
Points: 0/10...with this one...there just isn't a point!

Total:25 out of 40...not bad for a hopeless dreamer


BP: 6/10, need to be more and more aggresive on the right people ;)
Alliance: 5/10 I agree. Bunch of noobs
Rep: 7/10 Well you've got +rep here and you're well known in HaP so yeah
Points: 7/10 Not bad

total: 25/40
Average: 6.25/10


Rising Legacy

Alliance: 10/10
Bp: 8/10
Rep: 9/10 (Have made a name for yourself here in Ephesus)



Alliance: 7/10 - doing good in BP and rank, still a toss up in O54, top 5 could swing either way.
Bp: 6/10 - looks like he cleared most of the default swords off his island, that's about it.
Rep: 7/10 - haven't interacted much, what was your name in Delta? Couldn't find it on grepostats... A vet of the game, gets my respect.
Points:7/10 - points mean fk all to me, BP and enemy conquests show true skill.


Alliance: 7/10 - Good job you topped the ranks of a non-core ocean :O that's very impressive! But still, I have to give you some credit. Even where BP probably wore off somewhat recently and coupled with the christmas hiatus you guys managed to get 38th ABP, which far surpasses the competition in your ocean (The Euphorian Republic = 62nd, Knights = 102nd, S.P.Q.R. = 147th) and have a relatively nice average points per player for a non-core ocean, though the point requirement might be on the low side. Keep it up and I'm sure this'll be higher.
Bp: 9/10 - That's actually pretty darned good for O35, nonexistent DBP is cool too
Rep: 7/10 - I don't think I'm really qualified to make a reputation judgement here
Points: 8/10 - Par for the course for 10 days of growth.


alliance 8/10- pretty good.. your ranked 2 in points and BP. so i think you guys look good
BP 6/10- not the worst but definitively could improve
Rep 5/10- 16 posts... not a lot.(mines worse) But you do have positive rep
points 6/10- could be higher.. but not much lower then mine


BP: 7/10 - not too bad =]
Alliance: 8/10 - Good average, good points. Generally a good alliance, although BP could do with moving up.
Rep: 4/10 - Just below average =P
Points: 7/10 - Not bad. Good average per city too.

Average Rating: 6.5/10


Alliance 0/10
Rep 2/10
Points 0/10

Never heard of you either..