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I dont have anyone to rate .... :(

BP-6/10 - Twice as much city points than battle points. Still, you are in top 10. Got to add, its a player you would want to have on your side and not against you.
Alliance $/10 - What's the point in creating multiple alliances under one banner less than a two months before WW stage? On their own, there is enough manpower for two full alliances + academies for surplus. Many players will not be in the winning alliance, if you win that is. If you are all united and it doesn't really matter if a player will get the grep honors or not, then prove it and stay in #2 alliance. Not just you, but also all other creators of an 300+ alliance in 120 capped world. Everybody else needed to merge among themselves to parry. Furthermore, i'm going out of bounds of this thread, you have pretty much took all the fun and war out of the WW race. There wont be pat positions between contenders, no need to break other sides WI. It will come down to who can sim better. Ephesus rejoice!
Rep 10/10 - An awesome dude
Points 10/10
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