Rate the Player above you


I'm surprised this wasn't made yet if I'm honest but oh well.

Points: /10 (How the players points are)
Alliance: /10 (How good the player's alliance looks/is)
ABP: /10 (Attack Battle Points)
DBP: /10 (Defence Battle Points)
Rep: /10 (How well known you are.)

Total: /50


add location to it. The place where a certain player is located has a big effect on the player.
I would do something like

Points: /10 (How the players points are)
Alliance: /10 (How good the player's alliance looks/is)
ABP: /10 (Attack Battle Points)
DBP: /10 (Defence Battle Points)
Location: /5
Rep: /5 (How well known you are.)

Total: /50

Totally up to you though. Your thread. :)


Rising Legacy:

Points: 8/10 (How the players points are) ho hum but better than me cuz he's a gold you know what :p
Alliance: 8/10 (How good the player's alliance looks/is) I've heard it's good but having seen it from the inside I know better
ABP: 5/10 (Attack Battle Points) 114th...need I say more
DBP: 5/10 (Defence Battle Points) 97th...wait! shouldn't a good player's ABP ranking be higher than DBP?
Rep: 10/10 (How well known you are.) infamous only cause he runs his mouth on here a lot

5 location bonus points because he's on an island with me :p

Total: 41/50



Points: 8/10 (How the players points are) decent size looking good!
Alliance:10 /10 (How good the player's alliance looks/is) the best!
ABP:8 /10 (Attack Battle Points) 8th overall good start
DBP:5 /10 (Defence Battle Points)114th just shows he's on the front foot!
Rep:8 /10 (How well known you are.) He's big in the game we all know that!

Total:31 /50

Solid Player :heh:


ooh, i like this game

Horatio Hornblower

Points: 7/10 solid, doing just fine, i'm not into points
Alliance: 9/10 cannot give perfect scores until later in the game, but you guys are solid
ABP: 9/10 leading the way for now, good job
DBP: 2/10 where are the deebs? then again, who cares?
Rep: 10/10 likes to toot his own horn. love it.

Total: 37/50

Points: 6/10 solid, not much, not little
Alliance: 7/10 not bad, have heard something about them lately, good.
ABP: 8/10 15th, great place
DBP: 6/10 he manages it well
Rep: 7/10 no comment.

Total: 34/50


The Agron of Ilyria

Points: 5/10 Its low. Below where you would like to see people by now. Seems to be growing decently lately.

Alliance: 4/10 A few solid players and alot of weak looking ones. Way to spread out over a tought spot to be in. Prey for stronger alliances. would probably do well on the rim.

ABP: 4/10 lower rank than points position = never good.

DBP: 6/10 Decent. Shows they are attacked quite a bit.

Rep: 6/10 Seems alright. Dont really know him.



Points: 7/10 Decent growth.
Alliance: 8/10 Good. Wont be long before they are in the top 12.
ABP: 7/10 Doing ok.
DBP: 4/10 Yet to be tested?
Rep: 7/10 Seems ok. Being active on here is always good I suppose.

Total: 33/50


The Unnamed
Points: 7/10 (Higher than me though)
ABP: 9/10 (Top 100 well done)
DPB: 10/10 (Higher than your ABP though?)
Rep: 4/10 (Haven't seen you around much)

+7 Location Bonus (Got lots of alliance members around you and some decent farms :))

Total: 37/50


Points: 8/10 (average points)
Alliance: 10/10 (Strong alliance)
ABP: 6/10 ( uhm, seems a little bit low)
DBP: 6/10 ( seems also low)
Rep: 6/10 ( average rep)

+7 Location bonus

TOTAL: 43/50


Player: Rising Legacy

Points: 6/10 A decent number of points (more than me but not nearly the most)
Alliance: 10/10 Honour and Power, really how could I give him less than 10
ABP: 7/10 (Attack Battle Points)
DBP: 7/10 (Defence Battle Points)
Rep: 6/10 Yes even in far off Ocean 36 we have heard rumors of Rising Legacy

Total: 36/50


Player: SicilianFire
Points: 4/10 Not that good, but he probably joined in late.
Alliance: 6/10 Also not special, but a decent option for his ocean.
ABP: 4/10 Even lower ranking than his points, that's never good...
DBP: 0/10 No DBP, so still needs to be tested? Though no one on his island can attack him, I see lots of inactives.
Rep: 3/10 Never heard of you :(
+8 location bonus as he seems to grow pretty fast in an ocean far away, with a good island to farm as well as make friends.

Total: 25/50


I am trying to resurrect this thread as it can be good fun and the forums are in definite need of a revamp.

Link of Time

Alliance: No alliance
Points: 1/10 Clearly inactive
ABP: 0/10 ibid
DBP: 0/10 ibid
Rep: 5/10 heard you name around

Total: 6/50


sure, I'll join your efforts

Alliance: Carnage rank 8, 8/10
Points: rank 56 ..... 8/10
ABP: rank 14 ........ 9/10
DBP: rank 57 ........ 6/10
REP: ummm, idk I'm new so dunno ... 4/10




Alliance: 6/10 Top 35 - Great name :)
Points: 3/10 @ 7855 this could be improved.
ABP: 4/10 Better ranked ABP than overall points which is good but still low
DBP: 1/10 59 DBP - Yet to be tested !
REP: 4/10 - never encountered you before.



Alliance: 9/10, best alliance in ocean 53
Points: 8/10, very good :D
ABP: 10/10, 14 on the list :eek:
DBP: 8/10, 60 on the list :)
Rep: 5/10, I never see how you play, but I am still new :)




Alliance: 6/10, sorry guys but you look like MRA right now.
Points: 8/10 as for a guy in O65 you have a decent amount of points.
ABP: 9/10, for your size its very good.
DBP: 1/10, you have 10 DBP showing how you weren't in any real danger so far. Aint even taking the quests which attack your city.
Rep: 3/10, don't really know you but maybe some day we'll meet on the battlefield. Like next year.