Rate the Player Above


So tech I don't know who to rate now....... let me know so I can get a rating just for fun.


I know you don't see many post from me,but I'm curious what others think about me...

Points: 7/10 Not so many but still you deserve 7
Alliance: 8/10 A good reborn alliance with 3rd spot for average points
BP: 7/10 For the number of your cities (35) you have decent BP (over 350k),all is good because more then a half are ABP
Position: 7/10 Your cities are close (that's a good think-except the one who is one ocean away from the others...but still to far from the central map where most of us want to be.
Rep: 10/10 "Mr. Theta (June)"


juschemon - my dear compatriot

Points: 9/10 Would have been 10 if over 1 million points.
Alliance: 10/10 As good as mine and mine is the best. So yours the best as well. ;)
BP: 10/10 One of the top attackers and together with Coblet one of the best. Very good DBP as well but more ABP. That's great.
Position: 10/10 Close cities and many in the core.
Rep: 7/10 Although I know you very well, you are not as well known on the forums.


points: 3/10
Alliance: 10/10
BP: 6/10
Position: 7/10
Rep: 8/10

34/50 Good